Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Everything is Moving So Fast

Everything is moving so fast now and the truth is I'm having a very hard time keeping up. Part of that is just the sheer enormity of what is happening and the rest I'll admit is emotional. It's not easy being me, LOL! Sorry, for some reason the words to that song just blared across my conciousness. Truth is it isn't easy saying goodbye again.

I spent half a day today trying to sort out hubby's meds and the other half with SAM people and movers and trying to untwist a family problem. So much fun my sides are hurting! I did clean up my blog a little (changed my blog links) and read a few entries! Kenda, when I read your latest entry my heart nearly stopped! You know that I will continue to keep Nick and his mates in my prayers! Hopefully he will be home safe and sound soon! Marie-Laurence, thanks for understanding why I needed to postpone things today!

I've decided to post one of the projects I worked on recently. Remember you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Hopefully my friend Janie will send me some of the pictures she took of another project I worked on so that I can share some of it too! I used parts of a black, brown and beige Bo Bunny chipboard books. their paper, rhinestones I got at JoAnns in the jewelry section, Kaiser flowers and wouldn't you know it, Bazzill cardstock.
Fiskar is represented in the punches I used for some of the edging I did. Sorry I had a little problem with the pictures and the color isn't quite right.


Monkey Girl said...

Love the album M-C!! I also love the borders! Very cute!!!!

I hope you have fun at your crop in Sarasota!!