Sunday, July 25, 2010

Class Offerings

I thought I'd show you the classes that I'll be offering at Scrap, Paper Scissors.

The first one offered is "Heat Wave" offered on Sunday August 22nd from 1-3:30pm.

The Second class I'm offering is Lovely Canvas Book offered Sunday September 19th from 1 to 3:30 PM.

The Last Class offered is the "School Days", 2010-11 offered Saturday September 25th from 1 to 3:30pm.

One of the things I'm big on is making sure my students complete their album before they go home.  So most everything is pre-cut for you allowing you the time to learn the techniques and put the books together!  I promise, we'll have lots of fun!

Here are some pictures from the Class Launch last Friday!  There are a lot of awesome classes being offered!


Sandy said...

I love the school album. Good luck with the class.