Thursday, March 06, 2008

Measuring Day

Wow I was so tired yesterday that I forgot to post this update! Given that I have a crop with about 8 people tonight and have to have to pack my stuff up and be ready to load Janie's car at 7:15, methinks, it is likely I won't be able to post anything new tonight!

It was my measuring day at Curves today! I went in thinking I hadn't lost any weight, since my emphasis this month was to really work on my right leg so that the surgeon would have only good things to say on the 20th when I get my 1st year post knee replacement checkup. I was wrong! I lost some, not a lot, 3.5 lbs and better still I lost 10.25 lbs and my BMI went down another 1.5. Still a long way to go, but given that I'm not dieting, just being a little careful, I think this is all good news!!! Best off all I've apparently regained 1/4 inch in height that I'd lost over the years! Awesome what excercise can do for you, LOL!

Gotta go clean house... one room at a time or I'll never get anything done, haha! How do you clean and tidy? Do you go from room to room, tackle a pile in one room and when you go to put the pile in the "right" room you tackle a pile there and hope that by the time 10pm comes around all the piles have changed places??? Frankly, it can work and save on leg wear and tear, as long as you put away the articles in piles that you move into the "right" room rather than leave them in a pile. Confused? You should be, cause this honestly doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me either!!! ;-)
Pictures are from the mini album I made on last Sunday watching TV and scrapping in my bed! I was a tired lady! It's of my little niece Lindsay and is another of TLC's new Shape Upz kits. Everything I used came from that little 6x6 boxed kit, from the ribbon to the ring!!
I'll update you on all the weekend fun on Sunday! Meanwhile, have a great weekend and don't forget to tell your friends about my blog contest and the RCS 4 day cruise March 5th, 2009!!!


Barb:o) said...

love the shape book! I've done 3 of them, they're so much fun!

Tabitha said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Hope you get everything tidied! Love the shape book! Have a great weekend.

cowchipper said...

congrats on the weight loss. Really like the book pictured. really nice.

cowchipper said...

WOW M-C....WOW! I got my blog contest prize today. All I can say righ now is WOW! I grabbed the box and went thru it...... several bazzill paper circles with flowers cut in middle of them, several make it yourself artisit trading cards, some ribbon huge brads,some glue?, an "I (heart) you" chipboard book
kit, some kind of masculine tape kinda stuff for scrapbook pages, a
set of clear stamps (that I didn't have), and several tlc kits and
papers!... I was like WOW! great. Thanks so much M-C. You ROCK! and
your contests ROCK!!