Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Never Ending Task

Before I get to the never ending task, I guess you've noticed that I've added some of my favorite songs to the blog! Just found out how to do this and enjoyed it! Hope it didn't wake anyone up at your end! I know how it can be to expect to navigate to a quiet blog and suddenly find your ears assaulted by someone's idea of a good song!

Anyhow back to the Never Ending Task!

No I'm not speaking of dishes, laundry or grocery shopping. If you're a scrapbooker, you've probably guessed that I'm speaking about scrapbooking supplies. Somehow getting organized is a never ending chore. Buy just a few dollars more of paper or embellishments and suddenly you get the urge or is that the NEED to re-organize. What's with that?
Just so you know I got hit by the re-org bug in a big way! I guess it was caused by the Scrapbook Treasure hunt. You see the 1st store we went to had racks, great racks if you ask me for sale. They break down completely which is marvelous and they hold a ton of products! At any rate yours truly got the racks and then realized that they barely fit into my car, hence the need for a new SUV! OK, that's not quite true, but anyhow, once I got the racks into the house nothing would do but that I completely re-organize my for sale stash of supplies! I've been working on it for a couple of days already!

Here is a view of the racks as they are now, set up at the back of the kitchen in the eat in area. (I don't cook so nothing is really in danger!).Plus I have some awesome supplies for sale from Cookbookin and they really look good in the kitchen, LOL!

On another topic, tomorrow is my one year check up on my knee. I sure hope that everything is going on as it should in there and that the bones have fully knitted to the hardware. I still get a lot of clicking and strange sounds and there is still some discomfort when I touch the areas under and to the inside and outside of the knee. So it's up early tomorrow to make sure I make it on time to my appointment.

I hope that all of you are having a great day and that you did not miss out on a single moment of joy today! Enjoy the music and remember, each moment of your life only comes "Once!"


Scraplin said...

M-C your house is starting to look like an LSS! HAHA! Wow those are some big racks. That just means you get to buy more stuff to store on it right? :-)
I love Josh Groban. His voice is amazing!

Tabitha said...

Love the songs! Love the racks and the organzation. I've been working on organizing too. Well, I should say unpacking and organizing everything :) Eric got my shelves and punch holder up :)
I've seen some of the cookbookin stuff. It's really neat.
I hope that the check up went really well today!!

Miss Crystal said...

Wow, MC. You sure have a lot of stuff. It looks like a store! Good luck tomorrow at the Dr. Hope everything goes well and you get good news!

Shannon said...

Before too long, you will need to find a store so you can move all your stuff into.