Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I'm All Good - Sort of!

Well at least my knee is! They took x-rays and determined that the implants are adhering to the bone and that the whole joint looks as good as it possibly can. The clicking, which they don't tell you much about prior to surgery, is apparently my new friend for life and just something I have to get used to, yeah! What I was told pre-surgery was that it would be there until the plastic components moulded themselves to my knee movements and would go away in about a year! Maybe someday they will make quiet knees, not that other people can necessarily hear the crunching.

It's hard not to want to play with my latest toy. Post appointment, I had this urge to give my PGC also known as my new SUV some room to roam and so I took it to Lakeland for a spin. It was one of those spur of the moment decisions as I was getting within feet of the I-4 exit off I-75. Did I mention that Lakeland has an awesome LSS named Violettes? I decided to stop in and take a look and on the way home, I stopped in at Scraptopia to say hello to Jackie the owner. I've got to say though, that neither store has a great web presence.

Unfortunately I seem to have picked up was some sort of bug on the way and I've just spent the last few hours in bed feeling terrible. Not sure where it came from, but it sure came on quickly! So I'll keep today to a short post and hope everyone out there is feeling better than I am, LOL! I want to scrap and I still have a lot of organizing to do! But I'm going to make the best of each moment I get to sniffle, cause each one only comes once, haha!

So to show you that I still have a sense of humor, I'll leave you with two pictures of me taken at Scrapbook in Paradise during the treasure hunt. Not sure what I look better as a pirate with a huge head or a flat chested mermaid with big hair? You tell me!


Shannon said...

I'm glad your x-rays came out ok. Too bad about the clicking. I'm sure it's annoying to you. Hope you are feeling better and have gotten rid of your bug. It seems to be in and out of my house. I'm ready for warm weather to open up windows and air out the place. You are an adorable mirmaid!

Miss Crystal said...

Glad to hear the x-rays came back positive. What's a little clicking anyway, at least you have better knees :) Hope you get to feeling better soon though! Personally, I love the ears on you as a pirate but you're also a very cute mermaid.

Tabitha said...

Happy to hear that your x-rays came out good! I sure hope that you are feeling better! Not sure which picture I like! I seem to like them both! :)

Happy Early Easter!!

Scraplin said...

Good news on the xrays! Yay! I guss the clicking means you cant sneak up on anyone Hope you get to feeling better soon! The mermaid is cute! :-)

Lynne said...

So, glad to hear the knees are doing well...despite the clicking. I have a clicking left knee. When my kids were babies and fell asleep I'd turn quietly to leave the room and suddenly... CLICK! Their eyes would pop open and their heads would pop up. So, I'd say as long as there are no babies in the house you're good! :)

PS you've got a great sense of humor M-C love the pictures.