Sunday, March 30, 2008

Woohoo! I'm back from the Scrapbook Expo

What a wonderful expo for at least 4 members of my Scrapbook Buddy group! We all won prizes! But more on those later! Yup, I'm a tease! Aww come on, don't spoil the surprise by peeking below!

I had such a great time! After picking Janie up at her house we drove to Orlando via Lakeland so that we could stop at Violettes. Janie did some shopping. I was good and just looked around and watched her shop! After eating at one of the best Chinese Buffets ever, Janie is better with names and might be kind enough to post the name in a comment, we went on to out hotel in Orlando. It took us a little while to unpack since our "luggage" included 2 folding tables and chairs , my cuttle bug, QK, BossKut dies as well as a whole lot of scrapbook supplies. Oh and I forget a very small suitcase with clothes for me and a slightly larger one for Janie. Our first night we decided to just scrap the evening away!

We did exercise while we were there! What can I say, we are ever so conscious of our waistlines (I'm definitely on the lookout for mine, which I lost in 1997). Given that the fastest way to the convention center was to hoof it there, we really had no choice, for which I'm quite grateful! The first day, the 20 minute, slightly uphill walk, left us slightly winded. By Saturday midnight, we could do it under 17 minutes, talking and laughing all the way! Three cheers for the grand (Janie) and her sidekick (moi)!

We shopped, took 2 classes, went to two evening crops and just enjoyed! Now for the prizes. Most of you already know that I am the organizer of the Scrapbook Buddies, a scrapbook meet up group that I started 18 months ago. Janie recently was elevated to the august title of assistant-organizer and Sharon and Anita are members. We planned on meeting up with them on Friday at the crop.

If you've been to a Scrapbook Expo, you also know that you do not have to be present to win a prize. Some, including the grand prize are drawn from the advanced ticket sales or pre-registrations and others are drawn from the tickets required to get into the convention, whether they are or aren't pre-purchased. The names of the winners are posted on a board at the entry to the floor and everyone checks the board.

Janie and I had quite a surprise when we came back from lunch on Friday. We read the name of the winner and all of a sudden I turned to Janie and told her that's our Sharon!!! Indeed Sharon, shown in the picture wearing a read sweater, won the grand prize of the beautiful scrapbook armoire shown in white, which is precisely the color she picked for the one they will be shipping to her! She has to pay for the shipping but so what, she won the armoire!!!

Anita and I also won door prizes, though small ones at the Friday night crop. Janie waited until the Saturday night crop, while I was out to dinner, to win a wonderful lavender faux-suede scrapbook bag filled with three months worth of storyteller monthly kits! Just a great, great prize! I also won a door prize at Saturday's crop, a size small t-shirt that the two ladies sharing our table both wanted. So I traded it in for some nice embellishments which I was able to start using right away. I'm realistic enough to know that no matter how much exercises I do, I will never be a size small, LOL!

Speaking of Saturday's dinner, which Janie was invited to but decided I should just enjoy with my son and his girlfriend, it was at Nelore, an authentic Brazilian Steak House. The occasion was my birthday, since we won't see each other the day of. Can I say OMGosh!!! It was amazing! Simply, simply amazing food, a wonderful ambiance, a charming waitress and all the food you can eat! Add to that charming hosts my son and girlfriend and the whole thing was just perfect! Yummy to my mommy's tummy!

All in all a wonderful weekend, where I did get some work done, but mostly had a great time, shared with wonderful people!

Have a great week people! You know the will only come once, so make the best of it! Oh! and don't forget! Tomorrow is your last chance to post comments for a chance to win the my March scrapbook/prize giveaway!!!


Shannon said...

Wow what a very busy filled weekend you had. Do you ever get and rest. LOL. That is a beautiful cabinet she won. And I'm sure one of the best parts wat that you got to see your son. Thanks for sharing your memories. You wear me out just reading them.

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how much you get around!! No Pun Intended!! I am so glad you got to spend some time with DS! Good Food Great Company! ~:o)
Your friend is so lucky to have WON that Gorgeous Cabinet. Please let us know how she likes/loves it!!
Dorothy in NY

GinainVA said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful time. It makes me want to go tone of these!

Tabitha said...

Wow sounds like you guys had a great time!! Love all the prizes that you guys one. What a cabinet!! Your birthday dinner sounded awesome!! Always nice to spend time with family. Happy to hear that you had a great time.

Miss Crystal said...

Wow, MC. You were one busy lady. You are always on the move to another scrapbook event. Must be awesome! :) It sounds like you had such a great time! Congrats on winning your prizes. And that cabinet your friend won is amazing.

Lynne said...

Wow I've never know who won the grand prize. How fun was that!!


Scraplin said...

M-C you sure do get around! Haha! Sounds like you all had a great time at the Expo, and how great that you all won a prize! That armoire is gorgeous. I am jealous!

Anonymous said...

The name of the restaurant in Lakeland is LING's on Florida Avenue. I attend to return soon.

You know, I was with you for the Expo and the way you write, it is interesting all over again.