Tuesday, April 01, 2008

And the winner is...

Well it's been a busy day, but then which day isn't? Looks like the prescription for my glasses has changed yet again. Isn't getting old a pain? Well not really! I got an email form my friend Katrina today, that reminded me that we are lucky to be getting old and to be alive! On the eve of yet another milestone in my life, I am indeed happy to be where I am, who I am and much more that that, to be surrounded by the people that I have come to love and cherish. Yup as of tomorrow, I can now move into many if not all senior communities. Unbelievable! How the heck did I get here! But right now that's probably not the topmost thing on your mind! You probably want to know who won the posting contest for this month, right?

Well there are things that happen when you are old...er. Your mind wanders and sometimes jump from one topic to another. You are more likely to lose your train of thought and have any of you noticed that you often walk into a room knowing that you went to the room for a reason, but you can't for the life of you remember what it was? But to get back to the contest, I did pick a winner today and that lady is going to be very happy with what I've got going her way.

Did I mention that my first call of the day was fom a nice lady from whom I buy wholesale scrapbook products? We chatted for a while. She does expos and I got to see her this weekend. But I digress. Here is what the winner will get.

1 TLC 12345 Chatter Book and 1 Runway Meadowbrooke Shapes Kit and a surprise or two not mentionned here!

Curious to know what our April winner will get? Come back tomorrow and see what it is! And don't forget that the more "different people" post comments, the larger the prize is! The more often you post, the more chance you have to be the winner!

Seems to me I forgot to do something. Hmm... could it be that the winner is scraplin also known to her friends as Linda! Congratulations! Please email me to confirm your address and I'll ship that out no later than next Monday!

Linda, I hope that you enjoy your prizes and continue to post next month.


Miss Crystal said...

Woo-hoo Linda! Congrats.

M-C, I just have to add: I am 23 and my mind wonders. I get up to do something and immediately forget what I was doing. LOL. But, with age comes beauty and wisdom so enjoy! :)

Scraplin said...

Oh wow! Thanks M-C!! You had me going there..wondering who won...lol what was that you were saying about your mind wandering? haha! I am so excited! I will email you my address!

Shannon said...

Congrats Linda! Job well done. Looks like you are going to get some fun things. No worries mc. I'm 35 and I forget tons of stuff. It's a good think I have my DH. LOL

Cathy said...

M-C I think the mind wanders at any age. I think mine takes the long, winding road. :-)

Congratulations Linda. Enjoy your new goodies.

Tabitha said...

Congrats Linda!!

I started to lose my mind after having the kids.

Anonymous said...

That's a great prize for Linda! guess I'll have to be cotent for anonymous to win next month...or not.