Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving -

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday.  What could be better than getting together with your family and counting your blessings? I am so fortunate that my son, Shaun was able to join us in Northern Kentucky again this year.  There was a time when we celebrated every Thanksgiving with Hubby's family, but now that my mother-in-law lives away from a readily accessible airport, it is a lot more difficult. That is something else I am blessed with, a really nice set of in-laws.  Though I do wish that I lived within an easy comute of all my wonderful nieces and nephews! So I'd like to spend a big hug to all of them, here in the order that they came into my life, Michael, Melanie, Sebastien Stephane, Catherine, Christopher, Rachel, Lindsay, Zachary, Charlotte and Sweetpea, who is already loved and expected to make an appearance in May, know that I think of you and love you, despite

I am also truly blessed in my friends, the new, the old, the young, the cyber and the RL ones! And yes that includes you Shirley up in Ottawa, who I have sadly neglected recently! Miss you girlfriend! So to all of you that I hold dear, I hope that whether you are celebrating Thanksgiving today or not, that your life is as blessed as mine and that you cherish today for the love and the laughter that surrounds you!

To my brother and beloved sister-in-law Elisa, happy birthday!  I love you guys!


Carole RB said...

Happy Thanksgiving M-C

Minta's Creations said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Cheryll said...

Hope you had a great day!