Sunday, November 07, 2010

What a Wonderful Crop!

Tina Rouse has done it again!  Dedicated to raising funds to help find a cure for Alzheimer's, Tina and her family and friends put together another great crop!  The crop, held yesterday at Ryle High School in Union Kentucky, was another huge success. 150 people prepaid to attend the crop! So, since Alzheimer's has also touched my family directly, I'd like to thank Tina and her helpers not just for myself, but on behalf on my brother Richard and his wife Elisa, whose mother Cécile Pescadore was one of the victims of this memory stealing disease.
150+ scrapbookers, that is a lot of paper in one room!

It was my privilege to be one of the sellers at the crop.  Thank goodness for my friend Celine!  She helped me set up and take care of the booth. Celine also created some lovely layouts for us to share with the many ladies who attended the crop. Here is Celine, with her coat on, ready to go home! It was pretty cold yesterday, but not that cold, LOL!  Celine a recent arrival from France, is still getting used to our weather!
Thank you Céline for your friendship and hard work!

Here is a view of our booth. I think we did an awesome job making it look presentable. 
We were worked hard to make it look presentable!
And yes for once, I have a picture of me to share!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth!
Thank you to my fellow sellers, you are all such a wonderful group of people and a special thank you to everyone who stopped by the booth!  Nina, thank you so much for all your help taking the whole booth down and helping me load everything back into the car! You made the end of the evening a special time! I truly had a wonderful day!