Friday, September 24, 2010

Coupon Post

Hi everyone!  First I'd like to thank Teela for her kind comments on last week's coupon post!  It is nice to know that this post is of use to someone, LOL!

I decided not to wait and post on Sunday as I usually do, especially since there are things of interest that come out these days and are only good during the weekend! That is especially true for those of you who have an Archiver's near you and for those who want to use the new Michael's coupons this weekend! I'll update as I receive new coupons and am near enough to my computer to do so!  Have a great week!



We have a 40% off coupon this week and of course it is always a good idea to check out the weekly ad! For example, a lot of their jewelry is 50% off this week.  Great time to pick up some bling for your mini books or layouts or to make jewelry of course! For the seamstress out there, McCall patterns are $0.99 this week!  Awesome deal!!!

If you get these, please email me with a link to the ad and coupons.  I went back to them last week to re-register for their emailed coupon, but it could be another couple of weeks before they make it to my inbox!

Here is what came in from Michaels!  Ad and coupons! Don't forget to print the coupons right away as there is a limit imposed by Michael's as to how many will print!

UPDATE: 20% off your entire order.  This coupon is ONLY good from Thursday, September 30th till Saturday, October 2nd!


Teela said...

Marie Claire, How do I find out about things like the Elmer's Challenge, in time to get in on it? Thanks for all the searching you do for us! Blessings! HAPPY OCTOBER!

Marie-Claire said...

Hi Teela, I actually don't think there is a way to keep up with all the great giveaways! I follow a lot of companies on Facebook and look in on many blogs. Often I find something like the Elmer's Challenge too late even when I do find them.

One thing it took me a while to find out is that when I go to my blogger dashboard and scroll down there is a list of all the blogs I follow, and snippets of the latest posts. I try to remember to go and take a look at all of them on a regular basis. If I liked them enough to follow them and I just love checking in on them! Not a one stop solution, but I'll post when I find one! HTH