Sunday, September 19, 2010

Coupon Post of the Week

Well would you believe this is my 300th post?  I suppose that if I were a post a day person it wouldn't have taken me this long to get here, but hey, 300 is still noteworthy, right?

Well how about these coupons for the week!

Valid today and tomorrow only (Sunday, September 19th and Monday, September 20th) get $5 off $20 or more purchase. Plus 40% off any one regular item good till the 25th and the usual 50% custom framing. Click here to print your coupons!

Here is theie latest ad and their latest 30% off coupon! Did you know that if you can show the staff at Archiver's the latest coupon on your smart phone, they will will happily accept it instead of having to print a copy?

Click here for HL's latest ad and here for this week's 30% off needlecraft Kits coupon! Really? Needlecraft kits? Stamping items are at 50% off and there is more but for some reason there is currently a problem on thier site, so I can't tell you any more!

Nothing new

Nothing Yet!

Please note that I will update this post if and when I receive anything!


Teela said...

Marie-Claire, thanks for being so deligent w/postings of coupons. I get so frustrated going to HL, Joann's or craft place and have to make a purchase W/O a coupon! Blessings~