Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Working on my Scraps

What?  Working on your scraps?  What does that mean!  I can see some of you really wondering what all that means! Well... it means that I finally took everything out of my very huge storage closet and am trying to put it back together! With my usual luck though, while I had excellent, and I do mean excellent help in the form of my friend Tina's son Evan yesterday, unfortunately I just heard that they have a family emergency and Evan has to go out of town! Evan, Tina and family, my thoughts and prayers are with you! I hope your trip ends in a positive!

So I am now going to tackle what I need to do down there a little at a time!  When I moved last year, with my shoulder injury and subsequent surgery,  I pretty much had to concentrate on the more vital things and while I did set up the actual scraproom, we just piled all the boxes in the storage area.  Over the last year, I just pulled what was urgently needed and the place became a worse and worse mess. So since I'm vendoring at a crop at the end of the month, and getting serious about selling off my inventory, I'm working as hard as I can on putting things right! Though I hesitate to do so, I guess I should show you what it looks like now, with all the boxes all over the place. I bought 8 additional shelf units and 30 bins or so to put things back together! Now that is what I call a big job!

Oh My Gosh!
Wouldn't you agree that this is just a little overwhelming!

One more thing, if you are reading this, have you entered to win the cricut cartride giveaway?  Even it you already have that one, think of a charity crop or a friend that you could gift it to! Even previous winners are allowed to enter!


Anonymous said...

Holy crap, girl! you weren't kidding at class the other day! you better call Evan! LOL


Anonymous said...

ok, ignore that. you already did! LOL see, I looked at the pics first! my head is hurting again, so reading is hard! I hope you get it all organized soon.


Teresa said...

Holy smokes...looks like my fabric room. When you get yours organized, I sure could use a hand...LOL