Monday, August 17, 2009

A Glimpse at My Craftroom

With less than one week until my shoulder surgery and all that entails, I have been working rather hard on getting the craft room to a place where I can use it and get creative. I thought I'd share this video with you. The room is not finished, but it is definitely far enough along to share with a few of my closest friends! The video is not great as I took it with my digital camera, but hopefully it will help you imagine what my time will like working in there and also see that there is room for you, yes you to come over and do some fun crafting with me!

I'm not very good at this and so it gets cut off in the middle of a sentence, but please forgive this novice for the poor lighting and narration!

Have a great one, everyone!


Summer, Andy and Audrey said...

You've done a great job!! It was so nice to hear your sweet voice :)

Teresa said... good to hear your voice. You have done a FAB job on your room..thank you so much for sharing :-)

Anonymous said... I can hear your voice anytime I want to...the room is so spacious and functional and attractive...makes the whole move worthwhile!!! LOL

glad to see something new on your blog


CathyR said...

What a wonderful space. You have so much room. I like the way everything is organized.

Good luck with the surgery. You are in my prayers.

Lynne said...

Fabulous room! Can't believe you did all that with a bum shoulder. I like the way you have the room divided into 3 areas.

CapeScrapper said...

Wow M-C! That looks FABULOUS! And it was wonderful to hear your voice for the first time as well. The room look so lovely and organized, I would definitely take you up on your offer to come over if we lived closer!! Did you have the storage custom made? I'm sure that you will spend plenty a happy hour in this room :) Good luck on the surgery - I'm sorry the physio did not do the trick, but I pray the the surgery will be a huge success and that you can be crafting again in your "haven" in no time! 'hugz'


Scraplin said...

WOW M-C!! Your craft room is amazing and rooomy! I love how you have it arranged so you can see the whole room from your desk and still see the tv. I dont like working with my back to the room. I hope your surgery goes wonderful and you will be able to get crafting again really soon!! Take care of you!

Sandy said...

M-C, What a fantastic scrapping space. You have really organized it well. Can't wait to see it in person. It looks so warm and cozy.