Saturday, August 14, 2010

Before I Take Off to Stampaway...

I wanted to share the progress I've made in the craft storage area and in the craft room.  There is a lot more to do in the craft room and a sort of mini sort by type in the storage area, but we worked pretty hard on this!

First you need to know that it was almost impossible to walk in the storage area and it was becomming quite dangerous!

Now it's neat and tidy! 
Behind the rack in the back are all my racks etc for when I go and sell at crops etc. The shelves on the left hold all my "other" crafts, painting, bear making and knitting/crochet. The shelves on the right hold my scrapbook items, mainly stuff that I need to sell!

Thank goodness I only had to work one day alone, though I did accomplish a lot in that day, and then Evan came back and helped me finish it off! We even took three boxes of teddy bears (all of them in new condition) to the local women's crisis center! It felt great to know that they would be going to people who would hug them and hopefully feel a little better for having them to love! Thank you Evan for all your hard work, I am so relived to know that this part of the work is finished! He even changed the lightbulbs in the garage and on the front porch for me!

As for the craft room itself, its come a long way from this on Monday:

To this:
but it still has a long way to go to even get back to where it was pre-storage area cleanup! More on that later!  Now it's time to go and see what all the press about Stampaway is about! Have a great day and weekend, my friends!


Lynne said...

Wow you've done a lot of work. How did it get so cluttered? All the craft trips you've been taking? I'm in the same boat. Been moving things around. Things falling down. Got a new craftroom table. Need to get back to organizing.

Beth said...

That looks fabulous! Mine is very much a "before" picture. LOL. I used to be so organized, I'm not sure how I let myself get to be such a mess in there again!