Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wooops! Catch Up Post!

Well here we are Monday evening, (well it was when I started this post, LOL) and I've got so much to talk to you about! First I need to get back to Saturday!  I decided Saturday morning that I just had to go take a peek at what was going on!  After all, in the Cincinnati area, Stampaway is very, very big!  Now bear in mind that I am not, not not a stamper.  Do I have stamps, yes! Why? Because they are pretty! Do I use them? Well once in a while I do, a little more since I've moved here! OK, bcak to Stampaway!  As soon as I decided to go, I called my friend Charlene and left a message!  I'm on my way!  Hope you're having a great day! She called me back!  OK, you talked me into it, I'll be there and call you when I get there!

Let's just say that I was very lucky. I found parking just steps away from the door! Someone pulled out just as I turned the corner, yeah! After buying my ticket, I decided to staret downstairs.  A zoo I tell you!  A human zoo of people milling around! No space to walk and little air to breathe! After a quick walk around, I'm out of there! Well as luck would have it, I bump into Misses Tina, Gina and Melissa as I'm walking up the stairs!  Just as I'm saying hello, the phone rings. it's Charlene, she just got there with her hubby! I;ve got to get to Charlene, so I quickly say hello and goodbye to the three A's and go catch up with Charlene.  I explain that with her walker, she might be better trying upstairs, cause downstairs is very, very chaotic! We start walking and then I see him.

The Tim. Mr Holtz. It isn't that I've never seen him before or talked to him, or even that I don't already have a picture of him!  It's that he is actually doing a demo! Somehow, Charlene and I end up sitting down right near him. I've never had a chance to watch Mr Tim in action and he is facinating!  It is obvious he loves what he's doing!  He keeps at it far longer than anyone expects and then he hangs around the Stamper Anonymous booth and is still helping people! Yes he is a good salesman, but it is his enthusiasm for crafting that makes him a good salesperson. If anything, he impressed me more in this setting than he had when I saw him those two previous times at CHA.

 I was hoping that I could get him to sign a book for my friend Kenda.  You see it's her birthday and I want to get her something special. She is a multimedia artist and I wanted to get her something special. And I did, and he, Mr Tim did sign her book and wish her a happy birthday! OK, well I confess, I did get one for myself but that honestly was a secondary consideration.

I was also finally able to lay my hands on one of the T.H. flower dies, which I've been drooling over for months but was sold out everywhere I went!  Even at CHA it didn't see it displayed at all this time and I feared that getting it was a lost cause! Now I just need to take some time to use it!


Teresa said...

Wowzer...that is an exciting story. I am sure Kenda will be thrilled w/ her present too.

Summer Braxton said...

so cool!! I wanna meet him, too!

Anonymous said...

He IS something, isn't he!!! With all his "fame" he is so down toearth and sincere...and talented!

Kip said...

I've had several classes with Tim and I agree all the way. I love his products so much! Sounds like you had a ball!

Kenda said...

Would love to meet him.... but was thrilled with the book you had him sign! So wonderful of you to think of me.