Thursday, February 25, 2010

Retrospective of my Florida Trip

It was so wonderful to be able to see so many of my friends!  Not all, and that is always the thing when you are just visiting, but so many!  I was able to:

Spend some quality time with Ashley and Shaun:

Celebrate Janie's 65th birthday:

Attend the Hilltop "Winter Retreat" scrapbooking extravaganza:

 Host a crop of my own for my scrapbooking friends:

and most importantly,

 make peace with my move to Kentucky!

I say make peace, because being in Florida made me realize that it is no longer "home" to me.  Even walking around the "house" that we still own, my heart didn't recognize it as "home" anymore.  Life for me now, is here in Kentucky, though there is no doubt that I miss Shaun and Ashley, Janie and Marie-Laurence and Alicia, my wonderful neighbor from Florida, Joe, and all my FL scrapbook buddies. While in Florida, I discovered that I missed not only Hubby and Billy, but my home, my friend Charlene and my new scrapbook buddies!  That is a good thing and as it should be!

So today I celebrate my forever friends in Florida and my new friends in Kentucky, without forgetting my forever friends in Arkansas, Kenda and Debbie or all the friends I've left behind in Canada when I moved here! I'm also lucky enough to have some truly forever friends online that I know I can count on now and always. I can only hope that my friends know that they can count on me, now and forever! Lucky? You bet I am!


Summer Braxton said...

I'm so glad you had a blast AND discovered that home is where you make it.

Teresa said...

Great post....great gal :-)
There's no place like home.

Scraplin said...

They always say home is where the heart is. Looks like you had a great time in Florida

Kip said...

So true M-c!!