Friday, February 26, 2010

CK Convention - Louisville, KY

I know, I've been home less than 48 hours and back on the road I went!  To put it in perspective though, when you've driven 933 mi – about 14 hours 27 mins nonstop or 18 or so hours with stops, what is a mere 99.9 miles?

Anyhow, I went, walked around for a couple of hours and came home. Was it great, no, not sure it was even good.  It seemed like most of the booths were selling page kits of various kinds, or stamps.  There was very little from the Winter CHA new products on display.  Perhaps it was too early for that, but one would have thought that the manufacturers would have made sure that that these retailers were towards the top of the shipping list given the importance of such conventions in generating local interest in their products.  But what do I know! 

I was facinated by a little stamp company that creates stamps that work with the spellbinder nestabilities and decided to get a wholesale account from them. Here are a couple of pictures of what they've done with the stamp and die. I'll be working on posting the stamps and nestabilities for sale perhaps tomorrow.  Today has been long enough and a good Canadian must watch the curling finals...


Summer Braxton said...

I'm excited about your monthly contest. Would love to play along and tell my readers about it.

Scraplin said...

The CKC is coming to ST Louis too..I thought about going just to nose around, but do you think its worth it? its a four hour trip for me!