Saturday, February 27, 2010

I think that Billy missed me so much that he is scrared to let me out of his sight.  He follows me everywhere and cries if I don't let him into the room I'm in.  That rather sounds like a dog, doesn't it! Thanks to Billy, I'm pretty tired today! Guess who hid away last night so as not to be kicked out for the night! I closed the bedroom door thinking that my furry friend was out of the room  and discovered, at 1:30am, that he wasn't when he jumped on the bed and walked all over me, bumping and purring and wanting some loving! I was way too tired to get up and kick him out and so he woke me wanting petting all night long! When I finally did kick him out he pounded on the door to be let in. Not this time, kitty, your "staff" needs some sleep!

I've been working on restarting my scrapbook business up here.  It's important to me to do something both creative and that will earn me a little money to pay fort my scrapbook hobby!  No, no, don't even think that it should be described in other terms, my scrapbooking friends!

I've just signed up for a typepad business blog and am also working on a french language blog that I hope to work on with Marie-Laurence. One of the things I really need to do today is go down to the studio and get things organized, work on class samples, and yes, that again, the heritage album! But, sad to say, I'm not that motivated today! It's a veg type day!


Lynne said...

Sweet little Billy needs some bed time training. I can't kick my poodle out. The whining and pounding the door is more annoying than having her in my bed. Had to do a lot of training though to let me sleep. I probably should have trained her to sleep on her own bed. ha!

Scraplin said...

Your kitty must have really missed you! Good luck starting your scrapbook business again. I'm sure you will do are such a motivated person! :)