Monday, March 01, 2010

5 Things you DREAM of Accomplishing...Contest!

The first day of March heralds a bit of a change on the Friendship Corner. Instead of giving out blog candy to a random poster, you will now have to work to qualify! I thought we'd start with a one page challenge that describes 5 things that you DREAM of accomplishing. The operative word here is dream... While this can be weight loss, it can also be being the first woman to open a scrapbook store off world... and for the record, that one is taken, by me, LOL!

Your layout can be digital or traditional, but must include 3 or 5 pictures or drawing that come from your library or that can be staged by you just for the layout! I hope you can have fun with this. I am sure that we will all be better for thinking of and sharing our dreams!

In addition to posting your name and link in the Mister Linky box below, you must also leave a comment in the blog comment area.  This distinguishes between people just leaving a quick link and those who are serious about this contest! Deadline is 12:00am Eastern, March 31st, 2010.

The winner will not be dissapointed in the prize that he/she will receive, promise!

Latest Entries: (posted 03/16/2010) Some people are having a bit of a hard time getting their links to work so here are two layouts we've gotten so far:

Kate I: (Kate did a digital LO)

Janie's LO: (Janie's LO is a traditional layout)