Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun In Florida

If timing is everything, then mine wasn't bad at all!  Instead of looking at snow, lots of snow in my yard in Kentucky, I got to see some sunshine, water, boats and palm trees.  It is obvious that the cold weather has played havoc with the grass, trees and shrubs which are far more brown than is normal for Florida at this time of year! But still, it ain't snow!
Since being down here, I've visited with a number of friends, Janie, Alicia, Marie-Laurence, Tami to name a few. I've visited scrapbook stores, scrapbooked, worked on a fabric box and had lots of good food. On the negative side, I'm still battling some sort of bug, seems that's been with me since November! Hopefully it will decide that it wants to stay in Florida when I go back home!!!


Summer Braxton said...

ooooooo, I sooo wish I was there. Have fun!

Lynne said...

Sounds like you're having fun!

Scraplin said...

Ill bet it was nice to go south to some warmer weather! Glad you had a good time!