Monday, February 25, 2008

Time's a Flying

OK, so which one of you stole all my time away? Seems like I can never stay on yop of things! I forgot that I had a teddy bear show to go to. My first since leaving the Tampa Bay area in 2004. I met up with my teddy bear collector buddy Tami who I met while I was working for Arthur Andersen.

Amazing how small the show was as compared to the days just before the 150th birthday of the teddy bear. It makes you wonder if somehow the media has something to do with creating the hype that transforms a hobby from small to huge and then back to small again. Could the same thing happen or even be happening already to the scrapbook industry? Everyone that had gone to CHA said that this one was very poorly attended compared to that of previous years. It was also obvious that things were turning around based on the very small number of new companies in the innovation hall. What more, most companies had lowered their 1st order minimum and many were eager for business. Another trend seems to be the purchasing of one company by another, and I'm not speaking of the great absorber, EK Succes, but rather more like 7Gypsies now owning Chatterbox. This is not to say that scrapbooking is dying, but rather that the rapid growth of the past 7 years or so has come to an end. The hobby is now coasting and manufacturers are trying everything they can to attract younger scrappers.

I was going to post pictures of the store I have up for crops at my house, but that will have to wait till tomorrow as time did get away from me again today! I've taken the pictures, but they need to be downloaded from the camera, resized and uploaded to the blog and it is a little late. It will have to wait till after the gym and the visit of my scrapbook buddy. We are going to work on our itinerary and schedule for the 2nd annual Tampa Bay Scrapbook Treasure Hunt. We had fun doing it last year and hope that this year we will be even more successful and win the $1000.00 shopping spree.


cowchipper said...

i know what you mean about time getting away from you. I have less then 10 days till another cruise and i need to finish my scrapbook. You have fun on the treasure hunt and win that prize!!! Take lots of pictures. ;)

Shannon said...

Time has flown for me too. I can't believe that it's almost march already.

janierob said...

glad I was happy to be included in your thoughts

janierob said...

"You do more by 10 (am) o'clock than some people do all day"

quote from an Army TV ad...true about you except for the 10 am part...maybe noon...LOL