Thursday, February 28, 2008

Today is Cram It All In Day!

OK, I know I should be working harder on the website, but I took some time today to do some must do girlie things like paint my hair, read some of my favorite blogs, add some digital kits to my ever growing and never used digital scrapbook library and of course I went to Curves. After having that knee replacement surgery in March 2007, I need to impress the surgeon next month when I go in for my one year checkup!

At any rate, I always enjoy taking a trip over to the Faith Sister's Blog and seeing what's up. There is always something inspirational to look at there and we can all use some positive creativity in our lives. OK so maybe it's not everyone's bag, but I for one enjoy taking a look from time to time.

I'm a big fan of Krystal Hartley's digikits, so I also went over to Polkadot Potato to pick up her Tweetie Bird Kit. It's just too cute! Of course, I don't have time to digi right now.

Tomorrow morning my french friend, Marie Laurence is having carpal tunnel surgery on her right hand and I'm the official interpreter. I recommended the Dr to her so it's extra important to me that she get the best of care and that her husband gets all the instructions needed to keep her comfy and safe, post op! So I'm happy to spend the morning with them to ensure that there are no communication problems. Saturday I'm selling some stuff off, or at least I hope to at the Whim-so-Doodle garage sale. So that will take care of most of the morning and the early afternoon. Sunday I have one of my S4O customers coming over to see the progress on her daughter's scrapbook which I am completing for her. The challenge here is to make my pages flow with hers. So I really need to get working on packing for the sb garage sale and get some more layouts done so that my customer is happy with the pages.

Oh and of course, I do have to eat, so off I go to McD's to eat a ceasar salad with grilled chicken! I am trying to be good. But I know that when I stop "trying" I'll succeed. To me the word trying is rather negative as if easily fortels that you expect that you might not succeed. So hopefully I'll come on here soon and actually say, I am now seriously changing my eating habits. All that gym work would truly pay off if I were to take modifying my eating habits more seriously. But more on that later, LOL! For now, I'm still trying, haha!

I'll post one of the pages from the baby album later. They are not my usual style but when you are scrapbooking for others it really is about what they want and agree to pay for. Oh and if you're wondering, I do have my customers sign a document where they choose to let me share their pictures and I do have permission to share this album. To me that is very important, especially when you are dealing with baby books.

More later...



cowchipper said...

great idea on the signature to post pictures. Trying to finish folding my dollars into stars for tips on my cruie. We need to plan a cruise together one time. How about the crafting cruise to alaska on celebrity sept 12th???? huh huh huh? Would be great if someone in the group was on there! laterz off to recruit!(3 came...but we need more!)

Miss Crystal said...

Hey, at least you are still trying and haven't 'given up'. LOL. Your online site is coming along well. I bet you are excited :D

cowchipper said...

new day...last I am still. You go Gal!!

Susanne Graunitz said...

This is the first time for me reading your blog. I love to read blogs and to see what others are doing. I think I wouldn't be able to write one myself though. I'm just to lazy :)

I like the colors you choose. I always think green is a very inspiring color.

I know what you mean with trying to change eating habits. I'm trying to do so for a while now. I'm telling myself nearly every day to start change something. But once I'm grocery shopping I just buy the same old stuff I always buy.
So good luck with the change! Have a wonderful day! Hope your friends surgery goes well!

Shannon said...

MC, I truly don't know how you get it all done. It is amazing how you put all that you do in a day! I'm looking forward to seing some picts of the baby book. When does the new site come up?

Gina Bull said...

Sounds like you have a BUSY life, MC!!

Tabitha said...

How did ML's surgery go? I hope that everything went smoothly. Good luck on your garage sale tomorrow. Love scrapbooking garage sales :) Can't wait to see those baby pages :) Have a good evening.