Friday, February 29, 2008

A Long Day

Well my friend had her surgery, but the day started in quite the rush. The surgery center called her and left a couple of messages last night, but she never got the message till this morning at 7:30. The messages were telling her that instead of showing up at 9:15, she needed to be there by 8:30!! Oups! She has a 45 minute drive to get there, so she got ready and then called me at 7:50. Now it's me rushing around so I can be sure to get there and translate everything for her and her husband.

Everything went pretty much as planned except that her husband hadn't planned on staying with her all day. Given that this was her first surgery and that as the "official" translator I had to sign as having received all the instructions for her care, I did not want her to be alone. So we told him to go to work and I drove her home and stayed with her till he could get back. I got home feeling really tired and still needing to get things ready for the scrapbook garage sale tomorrow. But I am so glad that everything went well. ML could move her fingers and that is what counts!! She also emailed me tonight to let me know that she is starting to feel the block wear off (think epidural for a wrist) and that she was good this afternoon and rested. For a while there today she was trying very hard to stay awake!

I also needed to get some cards done for the challenge on the RCS card challenge so I squeezed that in. I'll post one of the cards here. Yup and it's a Christmas card challenge to make sure that we have them done early in 2008! A great idea from my RCS pal Lynne!

I'm having some problems getting pictures uploaded, so I'm afraid the baby pages and the wedding pages will have to wait till I have more time! I just wanted to go ahead and post something so that those of you competing might get another chance to comment.

BTW, I plan on a monthly contest, same rules, so keep on coming people! I've enjoyed reading what you have all posted!


Scraplin said...

I always love your cards M-C! I hope your friend recovers from her CT surgery! It was really nice of you to be there to translate for her! :-)
sorry I havent been around more..I do read, just not leaving many comments.Keep up the great blog!

Lynne said...

I do love keeping up with M-C! Your blog is a lot of fun. Glad you joined the CCC challenge too. We are all going to be so happy come December.


Miss Crystal said...

How sweet of you to take care of your friend like that. She is very lucky! You did a great job with your new cards too :D

Tabitha said...

I'm very happy to hear that ML's surgery went good. Love the Christmas card! Too cute :) Have fun at the garage sale today.

cowchipper said...

wow, wished I could be ther to here you too talk on. I had a friend in Amarillo that i would take grocery shopping every 2 weeks way back and she spoke french. She was on the phone every week with her sister from france.