Saturday, February 23, 2008

I Love my Scrapbook Buddies

Guess who dropped in to say hello! My favorite Warrior Princess Savannah, sporting her new Diva Liver! She came with her Mami Ana and Supper Papi Robert (he took the picture). We were all so happy to see her beautiful healthy skin and her normally rounded tummy! I hadn't seen Savvy or her mom and dad since the day before they left for Philly to be closer to CHOP! Savannah make it crystal clear why we should all adhere to the saying "Don't take your organs to heaven...heaven knows we need them here!" Have you signed your organ donor card and told your friends?

Although Ana could not stay with us last night to crop, we had such a great time! The gang you see on the picture came for the pot luck, and Michelle V.E. came in later. We all loved Marie Laurence's chocolate "Fondant"and after I translated the recipe (lots of dark chocolate and only 2 tablespoons of flower) each of us got a copy. We might have a bit of a hard time with the imported French chocolate part, but I'm sure we'll manage somehow!

I think we all greatly enjoyed the evening which did not end at midnight, but at about 1:30am once it occured to me to ask someone what time it was. There is no clock in the room we scrap in (my living room), that way creativity is not trumped by time restrictions. Here is what I worked on:

My 1st All Clear Acrylic Album.

Front Page
Everything is in black and white except for that splash of pink Prisma flowers on the rings, suggested by my scrapbook buddy Michelle V.E.

Looking right through the album
The hard part was keeping it clear right through. After the first mistake, which required taking the picture on the second page right off and spending quite some time cleaning off the glue left behind, it was quite fun working on multiple layers to make it all work. Good thing to know, the TLC album did not get scratched despite all the rubbing I did to get the glue off!

Tomorrow - a look at my crop "store" set up!


Tabitha said...

So happy to hear everyone had so much fun! It was great to see Ana and Savannah's picture! She's just too darn cute. I'm so glad that I got to meet them.

Love your album!! Turned out great!!

cowchipper said...

wow great to see the baby so happy. Your album looked great too. I have been wantiong to do a album like that too. They come in all different shapes. Wished I could have come and snuck in on ya but just to far away! :)

cowchipper said...

Anxiously awaiting the opening of your store..... I check everyday. I also managed to get one person come to this blog... I'll keep trying for more... :}

cowchipper said...

well today is monday the 25th and i am still working on sending people over here. I also need more reading. Isn't a BLOG a DAILY journal? get writing!!
Have a scrappy day!

Shannon said...

Savvy looks so good. It's such a blessing she got the new liver. Your acrylic album is just too cute. I love that you did it in black and white.

Jennifer said...

Hi there Cow Chipper sent me by! that acrylic book is awesome! I love that idea, and had never seen it before!

Please check out some of my amateur scrapping! Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Okay I really can't type.

I'd love some comments about my scrappy stuff!

Thanks, your are so inspiring!


LIsa said...

I've been seeing these acrylic albums around. You did a great job with this and it makes me want to try to make one myself.

Great project!

PS-Cowchipper suggested I stop by and it was a pleasure to browse your projects.