Monday, February 18, 2008

Why is "Once" my 2008 word?

I’ve been asked what is up with this “once” thing you have going on? I’m not sure exactly where I got the idea from. I believe that it was either from a scrapbook blog or magazine. They suggested that rather than make a whole bunch of resolutions for the year, it might be better to choose a single word to characterize the year. Intrigued by the idea, I sat down and gave some thought to the word that would best describe the life philosophy that I wanted to achieve.

Sorry the picture of the layout is a little crooked!

I realized that I’d been just cruising through the days, an easy thing to do when you are home alone most of the time. Something that is probably forgivable since I’d gone through 3 surgeries including a complete knee replacement between October 2006 and March 2007. This latest surgery, my 6th knee one, had taken a lot more out of me than even I had first realized. Worse than just cruising through the days, I often I went to bed feeling that I hadn’t achieved very much, not a feeling that I was used to, nor enjoyed. I felt that I’d cheated myself from creating meaningful memories, a nearly unforgivable sin for an avid scrapbooker like me! As I searched for a word that could help to turn things around, it occurred to me that a good word to live by was “once”. This four letter word describes each moment of our lives so thoroughly. If adopting this word as my own has done anything for me, it is to motivate me to better seize opportunities and connect with people. Truth be told, even when you get to do something twice, it is never under the exact same circumstances. It is by definition a different moment, one which of course, you only live once.

As you know by reading this blog, I’ve achieved a number of things since picking my word for the year. I’ve taken the step to do the advanced workout at Curves. I’ve visited family in San Francisco, where I did take the time to go to Curves. I’ve attended CHA, where I walked for miles and miles. And I’ve increased the number of people I am blessed to have over at my home for crops. There are other changes but they are somewhat less tangible. I am eating better, feeling good and usually glad of all the things I’ve managed to do. Am I completely in tune, unfortunately not. I’m still trying to catch up with the backlog that having a down year can bring and I am definitely not up to date on my phone calls, something that I’ve always been bad at. I have a friend to call, and if you are reading this Barb, I’ll be on the horn with you tomorrow. But somehow, my life seems more positive and I am definitely a lot more active. Good things are happening! I’m learning to treasure each moment whether it is an active one or a leisure one (another thing I have a hard time doing). Life is so much fun, but even if you believe in re-incarnation, you’ll agree that you only live this one… “once”.


Shannon said...

Congrats on keeping your goal today for the year. I'm so terrible about new years goals. Your "Once" LO looks great by the way!

Miss Crystal said...

Love this layout and beautiful post. It is amazing how just a simple word can re-frame your life. Good for you!

cowchipper said...

interesting reading for today. thanks for sharing

cowchipper said...

what?...nothing new to tell us. Isn't that crop at your home today. take pics and tell us what happens?

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Great word for the year! Mine is "enjoy". If I'm not enjoying it, why do it? Awesome that you created a page with your word. I should do that! I'm supposed to tell you that "cowchipper" sent me. She stopped by my blog, and she told me to visit yours! Have a great weekend!