Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Great Day at CHA 2008

Before I launch into the overview of things, you guys will just need to remind me never to buy tickets to classes at an event like this! The MnTakes are so incredible and there is so much to see that I never made it to either class today. The first scheduled at 7 am this morning,I slept through and yes it's really true, my alarm didn't go off. The second I missed because I was having so much fun ogling things that I failed to realize that it was already past 3pm.

After missing the early morning class I decided to take it easy this morning and read Jen's (Whim-so-doodle) blog and have brunch before going over to the convention. Well after reading her blog, I just had to go over to QK and figure out what Chris had given her... that was"bright, shiny, needs batteries and it moves." Here I am with Chris after his buddy told me the answer. Hopefully Jen will consider what I did creative and not cheating, LOL! The answer, a belt buckle that has scrolling letters!

Chris really is a sweetie! While at QK I did look at what was new. Man they surely give the biggest and best catalog! What's new, 12 inch border dies. Yulp, it would seem that 12 inch paper/cardstock borders are in again. Wil you need a new tool, nope. They have come up with new plates that will allow the dies to be used in the Revolution. Here is a picture of the available border dies. that QKs has come up with. Pretty, aren't they?

My favorite products so far is Flower Soft's tiny flower petals that you can use to fill tiny flower carts and bowls on cards etc. I'm not sure I can afford their opening order though, so I'll have to hope that a company that I already do business with will decide to distribute their product. You can see it on my badge lanyard. I'll try to post more pictures taken at CHA on my webshots account in a couple of days as the network here at the hotel is truly overworked!

The first MnT I made today was great! A journal with wooden front and back covers that we got to decoupage. Lots of fun, but while we were told that it would come off our hands with water, I am sure that they meant hot/warm water which is not available in the restrooms at the convention center. Let's just say that I looked like I had peeling skin for most of the day and believe me, I washed my hands at least 6 times.

Of course I had to stop at the Basic Grey booth! Here is a pictures of an item in their booth that caught my fancy. It's made using their two scoops line that came out in October.

What are their new lines called?

- boxer - great for men LOs
- sugared - great for baby LOs
- archaic- great for boy LOs
- cupcake - great for birthday LOs
- sultry - great for girly LOs

I stopped and did the BG MnT which allowed me to try their new rub on tool. This is a very nice tool, and definitely on my "I need to get this" list! My only recommendation is "don't to be fooled by how easy it feels to use. You still need to press hard to make sure that your rub on transfers well and completely!

Next stop Bazzill. Love their displays, especially the ribbon flowers. I've included a picture. Also a big wow, their new wedding cardstock especially the one that has teeny weenie butterflies debossed into it. I also loved the new colors they have for their paper flowers and their new 12x12 3 ring binders called "Lickety Slip." The covers are made with their diablo, chablis, pinecone, beetle black, skylar, and parakeet. Page inserts include 12x12 to insert a 12x12 LO or 12x12 sheets divided into 5 slots allowing you to quickly create pages and journal. Each album comes with 12 sheets of 4x6 cardstock.

And there is a whole lot more, but one can only write so much here and besides it is now 11pm California time and I've actually adjusted to this time zone. I guess I'll be getting up a little late when I get back home!

I can't wait to see what trouble I can get myself into tomorrow while in the company of a local. I'm finally getting to meet Vivian P, someone I've been speaking to and emailing for over two years now! She is also the one responsible for turning me into a TLC consultant! I can't wait to meet her!


Shannon said...

Hi MC! It looks like you are having a wonderful time. I can feel your excitement in reading your blog. I'm so glad you are getting to experience this. I can't wait to read more! Continue to have a great trip!