Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Day Well Spent

Well it’s Saturday night and I’ve been frantically trying to catch up in the last two days with everything that I’ve not been able to do in the past two weeks. Needless to say, I'm not caught up yet! I did take some time out from the loads of laundry and kitty litter cleaning to go meet my son and his wonderful girlfriend at the California Pizza Kitchen that just opened in Brandon. In case you’re wondering, I did wash my hands first, HaHa! The last time I’d gone to a CPK was in San Diego with my good friend, Shirley P. That was in the days when I was heavily into bear making. We actually went to the TOBY awards which were combined with a Linda Mullins Bear Show. We had such a great time! I really miss my trips with Shirley but sometimes that is what happens when someone falls in love, they decide to travel with their new love. Go Figure!

Let me introduce you to one of my bears, Loam he's on the left and his sister and brother are in the middle and on the right respectively. Each is made from the same pattern, yet they all look so different. Loam was born in 2003 and was so cute that I just had to keep him. He is made of mohair with glass eyes and has the cutest expression in bear history. OK, so I’m kind of proud of him!

Of course these days I am definitely more into scrapbooking, card making, but I also knit, paint and read a lot. I’m also trying to catch up with my friends on RCS. For those who don’t know RCS is the original scrapbook group on the web having been formed way before there were Yahoo and Google groups when people still went through bulletin boards.

The other thing I did today is watch National Treasure with DH. We really enjoyed that movie, so we’ll put the sequel on our Netflix list and hope it becomes available soon. You have to understand that Rick has a bit of a theatre room so we actually watched it on a fairly big screen. I think video watching will be on our Saturday night calendar from now on. That is if I ‘m not at a crop or something.

I’ve been reading the Ettes blog and if you are a TLC consultant you need to get over there, they are doing a drawing. I’m also going to be doing a drawing from this blog in the next few days assuming that there are at least 10 comments entered on the blog by then. Anyone who has commented so far will get a ticket put in for each of their comments and of course only one comment is allowed per day!

Tomorrow I’ll work on my new TLC acrylic album and I hope to post it soon. I've enjoyed these few moments spent with you and that's a good thing, since each moment of my life, my reality, only comes once.


Chrissy said...

Your a women of many talents. I love your bears, they are so cute!

Shannon said...

Those bears are too cute. You have a wonderful talent. I wouldn't have wanted to give them away either.