Monday, February 11, 2008

CHA - WOW!!!

If you've heard that CHA is overwhelming, you heard right! It is also awesome, wonderful and incredible. It's not just the paper, embelishments, fibres but the incredible talent. I got to meet Tim Holtz, here is the proof. He is actually quite soft spoken and that smile is a killer. I got to make a bracelet using grunge board and his new hitch fasteners. They are really kool. They look a little like a trailer hitch, are composed of two pieces that screw into each other.

What a wonderful lady Dee Guering is. She was supposed to leave, but sat back down and made me a tag, just for me! She is so talented! You've never seen anyone put ink on a stamp with a felt pen as quickly and with as much ease! I felt so blessed that she took the time. She stamped, she inked, she stippled and she just made it look so beautiful! I guess I should show you the tag, which she has dedicated to me and signed on the back. As soon as she was done she had to rush off. I think the lady is kept quite busy.
Here is the tag. My favorite new find is the Zen Collection by a new company G.C.D. studios. The paper for that collection is so beautiful that I've decided to buy the whole collection and offer it in my soon to be re-launched online store! I believe that this company will be much bigger by next year's CHA. I did such a job of begging that the rep gave me a full 8x8 slab of their paper to take with me. That was just one of the free gifts I got today. Here is a picture of most of what I got. It does not include all the catalogs I'll be taking home! The picture does include a few of the make-n-takes I made, a couple of T-shits, a little bag, a little kit of hero acrylic stamps, ribbon, etc.

Well time for bed. I have a 7am class which means getting up at 6 to forage for food!


cowchipper said...

WOW... I will have to take your picture with me in September when I take one of her classes on my crafting cruise with her. Cool.

Kenda said...

Oh no you didn't!!!! But I see you did! I would love to meet Tim Holtz, he seems like such a nice man, very sweet. Glad you are having such a great time!

Maya's Mom said...

Hi, M-C! Welcome to blogspot! Sounds like you are having a great time there in the city by the bay. :-) Can't wait to read more updates!

Carolyne (from rcs)

Miss C. said...

Sounds like you are having a great time MC. How awesome that you met Tim Holtz! Can't wait to read more.