Wednesday, July 20, 2011

CHA Summer 2011 - Day 2

Ah yes, CHA (the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show) or call it my idea of what heaven would look like!  I had an overwhelming great time today and I was very lucky as well!

First because that is always what is most important to me, lets just say that I cought up, albeit too briefly because of classes and appointments, with some long time friends, Cathy R and her daughter Melissa, both of whom I am looking forward to having lunch with on Thursday and also the beautiful Britten P., one of my wonderful Florida Buddies that I miss so very much!

OK back to the show! So after running around for the first hour with my mouth open and my jaw on the floor as it always is when I get my first glimpse of the unbelievable artistry that is everywhere at CHA, I went to the Faber Castell mixed media class.  Can I show my lack of suphistication by saying OMGosh, the products! Never mind the products in the class kit those had just about everyone drooling, I also was the happy winner one of their three door prizes as seen in the picture! For those of you who know me from my time in Little Rock, do you recognize the lady that I sat next to?  She is such a nice lady and again, what were the odds that I would sit next to someone who knew two of my best friends!  This is turning into an interesting show in a few strange ways!

A quick lunch with Kim from Oregon, and we are at the 3M booth where I'm one of the winners of their draw! 

A few more hours around the show talking to people and shooting video which is slowly being uploaded to YouTube as I write this.  I'd like to appologize for the quality isn't everything I would have liked. My battery kept on working, then not working, then working again, so I lost track of intros and what not! You can go to my YouTube channel to watch some prima, and more on that new tag scanning thing with the owner of

After running over to the hotel to eat half a sandwich I'm off again for a 6-8pm class with Helen and her team of designers at My Little Shoebox.  I don't think there is anyone that is kinder, softer and I mean that in a huggable, squishable kind of way, than Helen Chu. The class was an acrylic mini album so you just know that I was in 7th heaven.

Now feast your eyes on some of my other pictures from day 2.

Stay tuned for more CHA fun and do go on over to my YouTube channel at  Thanks for reading!

Sorry it is getting late and CHA is both fun and exhausting! I'm excited for tomorrow where I have one more class, and lots of booths to visit! Nite all!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Looks like so much fun!! Congrats on your fun wins!

cowchipper said...

came over here to follow your blog.... I am #200....WOW. Checking out all the convention goodies! too cool!