Saturday, August 07, 2010

A Totally Wonderful Day

Oh my gosh! Little did I know that I would have such a wonderful day today! First, I only learned about the class on Thursday and was happy to be able to attend two of the three classes Debby Schuh was giving at Simply Scrapbook in Kittering, Ohio (near Dayton) today. I was so pleased to see that two of the scrapbook friends I've made since moving to the area last year were waiting outside the store this morning!  Gina, second fron the left and Tina, second from the right are two great people that I've worked with before. We met when I helped Tina get ready for her last Alzheimer's Crop. These ladies are seriously fun and their friend, Mellisa is also a nice person to know!

As for Debby Schuh and the class itself, these were without doubt, absolutely the best taught scrapbook classes I've ever taken! That lady can teach and the projects we did were adorable. Looking at the things on her blog that caught her eye at CHA, I can see why I like her, she has highlighted basically everything I liked, lucky for her, her pictures turned out better!

Although I've never met Debby before, we actually have some friends in common!  It was nice to talk to someone who knows people that I know! She says hello to all her Florida friends, you guys know who you are! Here are copies of the "official pictures" of the classes I took! If you have a chance to take one of her classes, do yourself a favor, sign up and go!  You too can have one of your best days ever!

The first two pictures were the first class I took and the second were of the class Debby taught this afternoon.  As for the last two pictures, they are of the class she taught last night (Friday). Unfortunately I couldn't take that class so I just bought the kit and with the instructions that Debby is going to email me, I am sure that I'll have a great time putting it together. Had I known just how good her classes were and that Tina was also taking last night's class, I might have made it a point to attend that class too even if, gived the 90 minute drive, I'd have had to pay for a hotel!

Thanks, Debby for a great class
thanks to Tina, Gina and Melissa
for sharing their day with me!


Kip said...

She will be teaching these at Whim's and I can't wait. I love Debby's classes!

MLaurence said...

Wow ! ca devait etre super ! C'est genial ce que tu nous montres.
Tu pourras me donner des lecons quand on se verra ou avec skype !

Anonymous said...

It was great that you came to the classes, MC! small world, eh? :) I hope to take more of Debby's classes. She is a delight! I would have loved to have taken Friday's class too but this came up just as my big brother got me concert tickets out of the blue.

See ya, MC!


Anonymous said...

MC it was a GREAT Time! Thanks for making our first trip to Sonic fun too! :)

Ronni Hall said...

Kettering... and WHY didn't you tell me you were up here?? I work 40+ hrs a week so I'm hardly ever able to come down there but I could have come and met up with you! Silly woman! :) Seriously... if you get back up here again I better hear from you!! :D

Love you and miss you!