Sunday, August 01, 2010

Some Moments Are Truly Precious

I'm such a lucky mom! My son and I have a close loving relationship and every time I get to spend time with his long time girlfriend Ashley, I love her more.

We spent much of yesterday together, finishing the evening with dinner at a Greek restaurant, Hubby in tow and then enjoying some jazz and a nightcap at the hotel's bar. For the record, mine was a Perrier.

This morning, they stopped in at the Palm Beach Four Seasons and took me to lunch! Great food, great view, very relaxing, but more, much more than that, what mom doesn't revel in being treated to lunch by her son! It is proof on many levels, that you must have done something right to create this amazing person that you are so very proud of, and who is actually happy to spend some time with you! Like I said, lucky mom!

Once they left, i spent the rest of my day printing pictures, scrapping my trip and catching up on one of my guilty pleasures, the Bachelorette on Hulu .com!

As for tomorrow, I'm driving to the Gulf coast to catch up with my bud Janie! Yeah!!! Another magnificent day ahead!