Monday, May 24, 2010

Ouuu Coupons Week of May 24 to 30

Still no new coupons from Archivers, but the ones you got mailed are still good till the end of the month! Here is the link to their latest ad.

AC Moore has completely revamped their paper crafting area.  Here is a link to their latest ad.  The coupons seem to be imbedded in the ad this time!

HL has a 40% off any regular price item coupon for this week. Click here to go to their coupon print page.

Michael's is having a coupon bonanza this week.  Click here to go and pick and print your coupons! This week there is a 60% off (from the MSRP) on Cricut cartridges costing $69.99 that are in stock.  Wonder if they have any left!!!(they didn't at the Michael's that I went to)

Have fun shopping and do post and let us all know if you got anything this week using the coupons!


Anonymous said...

Hey, you can use this coupon at AC Moore too. So if Michaels doesn't have the cartridge of choice then you can go there. (except Larry won't let me)