Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cri...Cri... Cricut!!!

A while ago I got a Cricut...for the second time! Yup I had an original in 2006, and sold it a few weeks after getting it, but I won't bore you with the details.

There are times when I think it pays to take a formal class and for some reason, I believed that if I took a class, I'd be less likely to have the Cricut sit idle next to the Silhouette (I need to sell that) and the Slice which I actually do use from time to time! I wanted a good class with a really good teacher. I 'm really hoping to get very, very good at using it and that eventually share that knowledge with other people!  I love to teach, whether it is a large financial software package like Oracle Financials, how to make a cute mini scrapbook album to 4 year olds, or anything in between! Luckily, we have one of the very best Cricut teachers in North America right here in the area, Pat Davenport. I finally got to take the class I wanted, with her! 

This is the lovely Jann B who shared a table with me.
What a nice lady!

There were a few chalenges in the class along the way, mainly because I have a Cricut Create and the 5 other students had Cricut Expressions. While the Create is closer in functionality to the Expression than the original, there are significant differences other than the obvious differences in their size, mainly the difference in how to do certain functions, which the Expression has dedicated buttons for and the Create requires a number of steps to do.

From left to right: Lori S, Lori B, Kim H,
Mary L, and standing, our teacher, Pat Davenport

Despite the challenges of that first class, Pat and I recognized that we could do some good together and so I'm spending time helping her fine tune the Create portion of the Cricut 101 class, which allows me to use my somewhat rusty skills as a software functional analyst and of technical writer! I think going forward, Pat and I will be friends and possibly co-operate on some projects.I'm also benefitting from Pat's unbelievable knowledge when it comes to using the Cricut, which makes me a very happy Cricuter! I can't wait to dig into Design Studio, the Gypsy and Make the Cut!