Monday, January 11, 2010

eCraft Electronic Cutting Systems

OK, I know, you're wondering what's up with me today! Nothing for days and now 3 new posts on the same day!  Like I said, things are changing in 2010!

I recently came across this new electronic die cutting machine and I am really excited to get this one!  As you may know I first got the Cricket and sold that and got the Silhouette by QucKutz.  However, I'm not a big fan of it either.  I hate the idea of sticky mats and having to play with the pressure depending on the thickness of the paper and the price and size of the Cricut cartridges are a real turnoff for me.  I did get a Slice and I have gotten most of the cartridges for it!  I actually like the Slice's portability.  However I am again at the mercy of proprietary software.  I can only buy MM Slice cards to use in the Slice. 

All that said, this new cutter, does not use sticky mats, it uses a paper tray and you can use any true font on your computer to create words  either directly by connecting the eCraft via a USB port or by transfering the image to an SD card and popping it into the card slot in the cutter.  It can print using 12 inch by any length paper, using a roll which allows you to print long banners! The eCraft also regulates the pressure needed to cut different medium, paper, cardstock, grunge paper, etc automatically. It also draws and cuts without the machine having to stop as it holds both the cutting blade and the drawing pens simultaneously. It will first draw the image and then cut it out! Watch this video and do let me know what you think!

Truly looks like Craftwell USA has solved a number of the problems of the first generation cutters.  And the colored ones are really cute!  BTW, I hear that they will cost between $199 and $300 and the pre-loaded cards will sell for around $30.  Not too bad...


Lynne said...

Wow this sounds great! Like you the Cricut just puts me off with having to buy cartridges.

Did you get my FB message?

CathyR said...

Very cool. Why do all the cool new things come out after I've spend a bazillion dollars on the Cricut?

I'm waiting to see what the new Ellison/Sizzix electronic cutter is all about too.

Anonymous said...

That DOES look great!


Scraplin said...

wow what a machine..i like that youcan use the fonts on the computer. Definitely cheaper than buying cartridges

Susan Neal said...

Hi Marie-Claire! You left a post on my blog, I was curious, visited yours, but couldn't find a link to email you. You are from Quebec! So am I! Montreal. Would love to chat, can you email me through my blog,

Now, about this cutter! Need to konw more! Thanks for posting about it, first I've heard and I'm supposed to know this stuff. :)