Monday, September 21, 2009

See I've been Creative!

In case you haven't noticed, I have tried to be creative. I decided to play with brushes in photoshop elements and see what I could come up with! As you might have noticed there is a new image behind my blog title, just a little tryout for the fun of it.

In addition, today if Hubby's b-day. Not the most quiet b-day since he had to go into work way early so he could finish something before his two classes this afternoon. I felt for him so I went and got fixins for a dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing and made him cupcakes. It occured to me that he seems to prefer the ease of just grabbing a cupcake rather than having to cut a slice from a cake. I put two side by side and put candles on them and voila, instant welcome home and happy birthday!

Other than that I didn't do much today given that I was woken up by the garage doors at 2:30am. You would think if would be easy to fall asleep again, but given that I am still sleeping sitting up on a bunch of pillows because of my shoulder, sleeping isn't all that easy in the first place. I know, I know, poor me, sniff. NOT the point here! I'm not feeling sorry for myself, just thinking there was a bunch more I should have been doing!

Other than that I still have to figure out what to do for my next recipe swap. Amongst my DMIL's recipes there is one for bourbon pralines that seems like just the thing to share! Just haven't figured out if I want to do that one thins month or not. Hmm... maybe something from Belgium this time. I do have my grandfather's recipe for belgian cookies, made in the waffle iron that people might enjoy!, We'll see!


Britten said...

Me and your hubby share a birthday! How cool is that! Tell Rick I said Happy Birthday!!!

I have a post on my blog on 4/27 of another shirt I made. I just made two to wear to crops that say "Wanna Scrap?" but I don't have any pictures of them yet!

Monkey Girl said...

Love what you did with your title. Happy birthday to your hubby!!

What did he think of the cupcakes?

Your recipes sound yummy!!

CathyR said...

Happy Birthday to Rick (a day late). Did he enjoy the cupcakes? I'm finding I like them more and more over a big cake.

The new blog header looks great.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to Rick...and many more! Did you take pictures of him blowing out his candles? Ah!...another scrapbook moment!