Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Girl Mini Album

I'm not sure I should share this yet, but odds are that my BIL and SIL will not be reading this tonight and that they will still be surprised when they get them. There are three little books, two with ELI and Charlotte on the cover for his parents and one with Amy and Charlotte on the cover for Amy to give her mom, my MIL GG! I hope they like them. They are nothing big, but a fun keepsake and for the record, I did have fun making them.

With any luck they will let me know that the package arrived in Alaska on time and undamaged and I'll be able to share some of the pages from the baby girl scrapbook I made for Charlotte's first year. There are pages with envelopes for her parents to write how they felt when she was born, pages for each month, pages for her Baptism, and a page for her 1st birthday.

Other than that I do need to get going on the last few pages of the "My Family in Black and White" scrapbook so that I can upload it and get a number of bound books made. Those are intended as
Christmas presents for various members of my family. While I've never managed to get a single picture out of my brother or sister, I've been lucky enough to get some from my cousin Georgette in Canada and my cousin MArie-Jeanne in Belgium. I still have my fingers crossed that I will get some contributions from my siblings to fill my second album which will include pictures taken since colored photographs became available. That would sure help, given that I lost most of the pictures I had first in a flood and most of the remainder in a fire. Other than the pictures that Georgette gave me, I have no pictures of myself between the ages of 5 and 23 or so. I guess that is one reason that I was so happy that I was able to reconstruct some of my MILs photos and scrapbook after KAtrina destroyed most of her home in Gulfport, MS.


Monkey Girl said...

Too cute!! love them and I'm sure they will be thrilled!!

Summer Braxton said...

this turned out sweet. Thanks for sharing... FINALLY... LOL! Miss you.

Lynne said...

The album turned out so nice. They'll love it of course.

So, sad photos can be lost with a disaster. Wish we had better ways to store our precious pictures.

Anonymous said...

Have you heard from your MIL yet about how she liked the photo album?


Patricia Wall said...

Great little book. love the shots.You should get in touch with the bizymoms Gulfport community to feature these on their page. It’s free and the moms will love them