Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recipe Swap Contribution

I recently joined a recipe swap made up of a number of my Florida friends that belong to the Hilltop Memories Group run by a wonderful lady named Linda Jenkins. Linda is one of those super women I was speaking of yesterday. She has a family of her own, runs a daycare, owns a successful scrapbook business, and is present on Facebook, runs a Yahoo group, updates her shopping website and also keeps 2 blogs up-to-date. I honestly don't know how she does it all and does it all so well!

In the spirit of sharing more of my work, I thought I'd share my recipe, so you can see that I honestly do still scrap!


Monkey Girl said...

Great page M-C!! Sounds yummy!

CapeScrapper said...

That's adorable M-C. Talk about super woman - how do you manage doing such fine scrapping, while still recovering from you shoulder surgery?! Pretty impressive.


eljay716 said...

Wow, I don't know what to say! thank you! that was nice. I to the store to Becky Goble's crop, Santa in Sept. yesterday. She told me she knew you! I told her I missed you and wish I had had more time before you moved with you.
Loved your recipe card, beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Wow!....TWO new blog entries...enjoyed seeing the new niece...she is a cutie!!

I was one of the lucky ones to get your recipe...sounds yummy...I'll let you know when I try it

Miss you,

Summer Braxton said...

MIcrowave??? Really?? Ok, and does 8 portions mean 8 skinny girl portions or hungry girl portions? You saw how we ate up Britten's chocolate pretzel caramel things.

M-C said...

I actually made it in one of those silicone pans the other day and it turned out to be more like a brownie than a cake, but hubby just loved it. That time I also added a lot of icing sugar to the icing which made it really taste great!

CathyR said...

A microwave cake? Sounds yummy