Thursday, October 02, 2008

September Blog Commentator Award!

Well at least it's not mid October yet and I didn't forget and I'm going to announce the winner for September!!!! But first I just wanted to share two things in one using this picture. One, it's a digital layout made a couple of Christmases ago and two, GG and Boyd are holding one of the presents I made for them. It took me forever to get the exact color mixed backgroud that I wanted, but they did seem to like them.

As for this month's winner, she is a member of RCS, someone that I've only gotten to meet once, for a few days, but that I care about a lot. She has her own blog which is a delight to read and she is one of those precise creative people that I admire for the quality of their finished work. She is sweet and thoughtful and lives on the west coast, yup she is a California person. So Lynne, congrats on your winning and I hope that I can get your present off early next week.

For those of you who come across this blog, do leave a comment even if I don't know you! It's not only a pleasure to read but each comment also qualifies you for one entry into the blog comment contest and all entries are entered with one person picked each month. Each entry will also count for the December Christmas present Super Gift that will be sent out to the winner in time for Christmas! Come 2009, I hope to come up with something new and creative to reward you for!


Kenda said...

Yeah Lynne!!!!

Kenda said...

M-C I realized at 2am that I forgot to post about your LO. WHat a great idea! Did you use stretched canvas? How did you make them? Inquiring minds would love to know! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your LO was beautiful. I love the colors. The canvased picture was so bright and pretty. Very eye catching.
Loved it

Scraplin said...

Congrats Lynne! I need to be a more frequent visitor here..I do read and try to keep up!
M-C Thanks for our conversation the other day! I enjoyed chatting! :-)

Lynne said...
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Lynne said...

WOW I won! I have to say though I greatly appreciate receiving a treat in the mail the real treat is reading your blog. I so enjoy reading about what you're doing and creating 3000 miles away.

Thank you M-C!!

CathyR said...

Congrats Lynne.

Love the layout M-C.

chatty said...

i love canvas and i know i want to try it someday also..looking at your blog each day sure is fun..thanks