Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm so far Behind!

It has been a rather strange and difficult month of August. DH is home and I've had a number of tests and proceedures. The whole thing has had me scraping some, but not posting as I should have. LOL that is a constant in my life these days being behind in my plog posts.

So first, let me announce the winner for July, which is none other than my buddy Janie! Congrats Janie, you can come and pick up your winnings next week as soon as you get the chance!

Also I still need to send off Crystal's package and I will do that on Monday. I'm behind on that too! I've completed my Christmas cards for August, completed two class projects for the scrapbook store the cover of my 12x6 album is shown above, completed a 20 page 8x8 album to give to a friend for her birthday tomorrow so I haven't been completely inactive. I've also redone the mini-shop in my living room, which took me a lot of time.

I'm waiting on the results of the sleep study that I did on Monday. I guess given that the technician rushed into the room thinking that my nose sensor was off when it wasn't isn't a good sign. I'm also waiting for the result of a biopsy taken during the colonoscopy I endured on Thursday, but I was told not to worry about it that it didn't look like anything serious. So I hope you'll forgive me, I've had a little on my mind!

So as you can see, I owe you guys a lot of pictures.


Lynne said...

OH M-C don't worry about your blog. You sound like you've been quite busy. Some of the things you've been doing I want to see pictures of and there is one I'd rather not see a picture of (wink). Get around to it when you can. I check in from time to time to see what you're up to. Hope all your test turn out the way you'd like.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much...I am thrilled to be winner!

Your new creation is the color...esp. the ribbon.

Glad your horrendous week is've been poked and prodded enough- thank you very much!

Teresa said...

poor girl....enough is enough. Hope this week will be a better week for you.
Love that new always do such good work.

Shannon said...

I hope you all come out ok. We all know that you are a very busy lady and will post on your blog when you get time. I'm sure it is more crazy having hubby at home when you are used to your days to yourself. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I am not only a winner, but I am a LUCKY winner. I just received my prizes and they are awesome. The paper is versatile and the Canada emb. will be used VERY soon. Thank you for picking ME!!

Hugs, Janie