Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Fellowship of Scrapbookers

Over the years, I've been involved in a lot of different things from team sports at the varsity level (volleyball, basketball and ice hockey) to crafts (knitting, painting, teddy bear making, card making and scrapbooking amongst others). All the crafts still inhabit my world, they come and go, get incorporated into each other and get put away again to be rolled out againwhen the urge or need presents itself. Scrapbooking however has been a constant since I first became an acid free addict earlier this century! (My doesn't that sound weird, earlier this century, HaHa!)
I've wondered about the reason, as I seem to wonder about a lot of what goes on around me and there is no doubt that the reason I love scrapbooking is not just because it can make my family members really happy when I make them a gift, but mainly because of the people that I encounter doing this craft. There is a quality amongst the scrapbookers that I have met over the years. An openess to share with others a little of who they are and what their lives are like. There is the communication of ideas, experiences that transcends the daily yet also embrasses the smaller things that are the glue that makes up a day, a relationship. There is the excitement of sharing a new tool or a new place to shop also known as the fine art of enabling friends and foe alike. Perhaps it is the ability to look a life's moments as precious that makes scrapbookers such magic people. All I know is that my life is far richer for meeting these people and that even if I were bored with the craft, I would continue to scrapbook, simply for the wonderful joy its enthusiasts have brought into my life.