Friday, August 22, 2008

Stop and live the moment!

Before I go off on another subject, I thought that I would share my cards for this month's RCS Christmas Card Challenge (CCC). I need to post this and make sure that my friends on RCS get to see them so that they can count for August!

I'm not sure who said this, I picked this up somewhere as the quote of the day and was going to copy and paste but I'm on the MAC and did it wrong then closed the website, so I'm probably mangling it, but here goes!

Rather than always pursuing happiness, from time to time take a moment and live your happiness!

So often I get all caught up in attaining something and forget to stop to appreciate the steps I've taken, the things I've learned, the people that I've met along the way! It's far to easy to forget what is really important.

I've done a lot of stuff this week. I put in for the Scrapbook Circle Design team, worked on the March 2009 scrapbook cruise that I'm organizing, put together some scrapbook supplies to take with me on a crusie I'm going on shortly, had a couple of fun days hanging with Janie. We had a great time going to see Mma Mia. It really is quite good! I've knit the back and am finishing off the front of a sweater Im making as a Christmas present. All my Christmas presents need to come from my existing stash of craft items, so I have to get started right now!

I have a Saturday crop organized at my house scheduled for September 6th. I found out that there were anomalies in my sleep study, but I won't know exactly what the problem is until September 10th when I go back to see the doctor. I finally got Crystal's prize out to her and Janie picked hers up on Thursday. I'm so glad that you both enjoyed your winnings!

It has been a pretty good week and I'm thankful!


Lynne said...

Hope you're keeping dry M-C and able to enjoy your crop!

Miss Crystal said...

Love your Christmas cards MC!

Anonymous said...

Rather than always pursuing happiness, from time to time take a moment and live your happiness!

I love this saying.

Have a good cruise. I will be thinking of you.

Teresa said...

Sooooo glad that you are feeling better. Looks like you got lots done this week too. And, you took the time to "live your hapiness ". You go girl. :-)

CathyR said...

I love your Christmas Cards. I'm glad that you are feeling better.

Please post pictures of your sweater when you finish it.

Enjoy your cruise.

Sandy said...

Have a good time on your cruise.....get some rest.
Your cards are beautiful. You are way ahead of me, I've not started yet.


Shannon said...

Your cards look great. You have been very productive. It always amazes me at what you can accomplish during the week and not collapse with exhaustion.