Wednesday, May 07, 2008

What a Week!

Well when I left you I had great plans for the weekend and I was going to send Tabby her prize package. Well none of these have happened. Seems there is another bug going around and I was hit badly late Friday. What is it with all these bugs and viruses going around this year!

Anyhow, I will be going to Nassau, Keshia has already bought the ticket for later this month. I can only hope that passport Canada comes through, but after being told on Wednesday that the wait time had increased from under 4 weeks, to around 6weeksand that my information wasn't even in the computer yet I was really bummed! I magine my surprise when I got a DHL delivery today that required my signature and it was my passport application! They didn't like the picture, said there was a glare on my glasses, which honestly I don't see! I've had some new pictures taken and I will be overnighting the application tomorrow in the hopes that they get it by Monday or Tuesday at the latest. And Tabby, I will get your prize out and a special little something for your having to be so patient with me!
I guess if the passport doesn't get here in time, it might end up that I pay to have the ticket changed or if we can't do that, I'll just buy another one. I really do want to have fun with Keshia at her new scrapbooks store in Nassau and given that she has paid for a ticket, making good on it is the least I can do if things need to be changed around. Hopefully they will rush my passport through this time, but since I can't claim an emergency like a dying relative (I am actually glad that there isn't such an emergency) they really don't have to put me in front of the rest, but hey they are Canadians and maybe they will be nice to me if I beg! Oh the stress! I really don't want to disappoint Keshia, she has been so sweet!

I have finalized 6 kits of the little mailbox. Amazing what you can get done when you stay home for a few days. But I have to ask, did I really have to put all that stuff into such a small book? Everytime I thought I'd finished putting the kits together, I realized that I was still missing a couple of elements. I've also completed a project for the LSS. I's a summer vacation 6x6 mini album with an acrylic front and back and 18 double sided embellished sheets in between. I'm trying to keep it relatively inexpensive so that people can afford to take it and have fun. I can't show all of it, as it is now set for me to teach the class on June 7th, but here is the front and a peak at the first page.
Of course I've still got the baby boy scrapbook percolating and need to put some more work into it next week and get it done. I'd really like to go up to Atlanta to deliver it personally, so I'll have to see what I can do about that. Plus June is also CKC Fort Lauderdale and I do need to figure out what to do about it. I'd like to go but the booth is hugely expensive, I have to pay for a hotel for 3 or is it 4 nights plus meals, parking at the hotel and at the convention center. I'd have to sell a huge amount of paper to even come close to breaking even. Not sure about doing that yet, especially with the economy being what it is and TLC now being a buyer's club.


Shannon said...

I just noticed your summer acrylic book. It is so cute. I'm going to have to purchase one sometime. I can't wait until your class is over so I can see the rest of it. Did you cut out the words(titles) or did they come in a kit also.