Saturday, May 10, 2008

About This and That

Today I spent the morning getting the passport application ready for the mail and running (OK I drove I didn't run) across town to Fedex so they could ship it out to get there on Monday! The cost of overnight shipping is costing me a bundle!

I also decided one of the other prize items that I would send to Tabitha. Given that they just bought their first house, I think she will be able to put this to good use!

Tomorrow I must, must work on Zachary's album and get the message out about the little mailbox class. If I can get the people together, maybe we'll do it this coming Saturday. I've also got to get started on cutting all the paper and pieces for the 6x6 album as I think that I will assemble the pages and bind it before the class and we can then just work on all the embelishments during the class. What do you guys think, is that a good idea?

I finally realized with the help of one of my very nice neighbors why my sprinkler system wasn't working. It was hard to really tell until about 4 days ago since all our lawns are looking so bad with this drought we are having right now. But 4 days ago mine started going really yellow and we all noticed! It turns out that the lawn guy whipper snippered the wires to the rain detector and so the sprinklers didn't go off at all because the system thought that it was raining! The clowns actually taped the above ground wires together. If they had taped the inground wires together, the sprinklers would have actually worked! Thank goodness that my neighbor Joe had had a similar thing happen to him at some point. We were just about to give up when he spotted the rain detector and it jogged his memory! Yeah Joe!!!
Rick took me out to dinner tonight and we had a great time. There is a new recreation center just down the street from us. We had a quick bite, some face time and played some air hockey! I found the whole evening very relaxing!

Well my friends, I hope you are all having as great a weekend as I am and that those of you that are moms are fussed over appropriately tomorrow! Happy Mothers' Day!


Tabitha said...

Looks like you've had a lot on your plate. Lots of plans coming up :) I hope everything goes alright with your passport. I hope you are feeling better too. It's no fun being sick. We painted our Shutters blue this weekend :)

Ana said...

What a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing it with me!!

And a very heartfelt thank you for the organ donor awareness blog!!!!!!

Shannon said...

Sounds like you and Rick had a great even out together. It's been a long time since my husband and I had a date night out. Maybe it's time. I'm glad you got your sprinkler fixed. Hope you have rain soon. It has been raining off an off for a week or so. Yesterday on mother's day it rained all day and the kiddies couldn't go out to play.

Miss Crystal said...

I am glad you got your sprinkler system fixed. Your evening out sounds like a great date. Right up my alley. Good luck with the passport. Overnight shipping can really put a hole in the wallet. I avoid it at all costs. lol.