Thursday, May 22, 2008

What an Interesting Couple of Days!

As I write this Keshia is, I think, passed out from exhaustion! I've got to tell you that it's been an amazing couple of days! We've been going around not only to scrapbook stores, but also to an amazing home and crafts decorating warehouse, Home Goods, Pier 1 and I've probably driven a couple of hundred miles. We've found items that I had seen at the Doodle, that up to then I had no idea where to get, tracked down big and small wrought iron easels in a couple different sizes and just had a general great time.

Of course, I myself am about to go and crash. I've got tons of things to do, sorry to say still no passport, but who knows I may get a phone call from DHL telling me that they have a delivery that needs a signature tomorrow. No leaving of a passport at the front door or in the mailbox. Big no, no! The great thing about DSL is that the driver works around your schedule if at all possible and gives you a 30-60 minute window when he will come to deliver.

I'm glad to say that my buddy Janie got home safely a couple of days ago, but we've had no time to catch up yet! If you're reading this Janie, I hope we can catch up sometime tomorrow.

I completed a series of 4 layouts with the Basic Grey Sugared line and I will be teaching a class using those layouts at the end of month, so that is a total three classes plus Nassau in June! Of greater concern, I can't seem to get a human being at CK to return a call or answer an email, which really sucks because I absolutely need to cancel my two booths! Perhaps next year I'll come up with a new way to have a booth, but I need to regroup and figure out what I really need/want to do going forward. Of course if I don't get in touch with them soon, they will say that I didn't cancel and charge me anyhow. It would be nice to know how to get that one sorted out because if it's already too late to cancel, I need to figure out what I'll take to sell.

So there you go, live in the fast lane, M-C style, LOL! Hope everyone is making every moment special. Because as you know, each moment only comes "once"!


Shannon said...

MC I do not know how you do all that you do. You just keep on amazing me at how busy you can keep yourself. Hopefully you can get some rest soon. Have a great Memorial Weekend!

Miss Crystal said...

Hey MC. Wow, it sounds like you had a great time! I would tell you to slow down and take a breather but that isn't MC style, is it? Have a great Memorial Day weekend!