Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ou I've Neglected my Friends

Speaking of friendship, below are my buddies, Marie Laurence and her grandaughter Chloe. We've been friends for quite a while now. She's been around to help me pack to leave Florida, helped me find a house when I moved back and I even taught her to scrapbook. She is a talented artist in so many medias that the truth is I basically just showed her the tools and the basics. ML is an awesome friend! If you want to practice your French, visit her blog!

I must say that it's been a little tough over the last few weeks keeping up with people and things and I can only hope that it will get better soon. I miss being in close tough with everyone.

On another front, my Canadian passport is being printed and I'm told it will be here by the second week in June. That means that I'll have to postpone my trip to Nassau and hope that Keshia will understand! What is really sad is that it would have been here in time if and it's a big if they had not sent everything back because they didn't like the picture, something about a glare in the glases that honestly I could not see!

I have been working on the kits for my class at Scraptopia, completed a four page layout yesterday that features the Basic Gray Sugared collection which I will bring by Scraptopia Thursay or Friday so that I can find out if Jackie wants to do a class with those. My mailbox class is set and people have started registering so I'm kind of happy about that!

Tomorrow I'm meeting Keshia from "The Scrapbook Cottage in Nassau, and we are going to three scrapbook stores, two for sure Violettes in Lakeland, and Whim-So-Doodle in St. Pete and if we have time the Scrapbook Shoppe in Tampa. I may have to stay away from that one since Senator Obama is holding a big rally at the St. Pete Times Forum (where the Lightning play)which means the traffic will no doubt be terrible. I'll have to check on the timing for that! Should be a lot of fun and there are a couple of things I really need to pick up if they are not out of them, particularly the Kaisercraft flowers. I use a LOT of them and I've started doing all sorts of things to them, LOL!

So tonight there is the finale of Dancing with the Stars and we get to see the battle of the David's on Idol. Yes I do watch TV... while I am either doing office work, answering emails or scrapbooking. Thank goodness I have a TIVO as it also means that I can replay something that catches my attention and that I actually want to look at! Oh, my picks, Kristy and David Cook should be the winners. But whatever happens, especially in Idol, David Cook is going to be a big star.


Miss Crystal said...

Have fun visiting the scrapbook stores! I agree that Kristy should win on Dancin too. I don't watch Idol but the battle of the Davids is everywhere...headlines on every news station.

ML said...

Hi, everybody, did you see ? I'm like a movie star with Chloe on MC's blog ! lol !
Oh ! quelle surprise de me voir avec Chloe sur ton blog, merci, nous sommes en vedette.
J'ai regarde aussi la finale de Dancing with the stars, les meilleurs ont gagne ! bravo !
Bonne fin de semaine bisous

Shannon said...

Well there you are. I've been wondering if something had happened to you. Seems like you have a great friend in ML. It's when you have to move away from friends. Then with live busy you feel like you neglect them. I too want David Cook to win. I have a feeling though that the other one will win since he's younger and has all the girls after him. LOL.

Cathy said...

Enjoy your trip to the scrapbook stores. I'm glad to see you are back and posting, I've missed reading your blog. Good luck with the classes. Don't you just love the Basic Grey Sugared line? It is so yummy.