Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Wish I Could Keep Up

I wish that I could keep up with everything I've got going on, especially my friends, but I'm falling flat on my face these days! Way too much going on, LOL!

I can't believe that it's been since the 22nd of May since I've posted! It's not that I don't always start blog posts, but I don't always finish them. For example I wrote this last week...

Today, I spent the day with Janie and as usual, it was a calming and fun day! Spending a day with Janie is almost like taking a deep cleansing breath, I just feel so much better afterwards! Honestly, I really needed it! Thanks Janie!

So what have I been doing? Putting together the kits for my class at Scraptopia is taking quite a bit of time! I'm still not done. I love creating classes, cutting everything and getting ready, I must admit, not so much!
Sunday (May 25th) Janie and I went to a class at Scraptopia given by folks affiliated with My Mind's Eye. Janie and I both won awesome prizes. She won all the papers and embelishments in the latest Wild Aspergus line and I won all the papers in the 29th Street line as well as some embelishments from one of their other lines. We both also got a full set of titles. That's Keesha, Madison in the middle and Janie.

I thought I would also share two of the four pages that will be used in another class at Scraptopia, this one in July.

I've just got to share with you Scraptopia's announcement for one of my classes:

'Summertime' by Marie-Claire
This is an adorable, 6"x 6" colorful book with a tropical look! Learn how to play with acrylic pages and incorporate them into your mini projects.

M-C is a very talented designer and you will love this project at a great price - only $29! The date is Saturday, 7 June from 10 - 1 p.m. Don't wait - this class is limited and going fast! (There are so many talented people out there, it just blows me away that I even get to teach at the LSS)

Now back to today June 3rd. What has happened since last week? Plenty, but it would take a long time to write all about it so here are the highlights!

I spent the whole weekend in bed on pain meds trying to get rid of the sciatica that has been plaguing my life for 3+ weeks.

Janie and I spent Monday, that is yesterday, together. Thank goodness because she was the only highlight of the day. I got a notice from passport Canada saying they didn't like the 2nd set of pictures I sent, Rick had a bad day which always upsets me, and someone scrapped and dented my brand new SUV while I was in a store ordering glasses and contacts for Rick! On the positive side, the lady did stick around and said she would pay for everything rather than go through insurances.

Today Tuesday. I got all prettied up to have my passport pictures taken for the 3rd time. Before going for the picture at the mall, no Walgreens this time, but Ritz Camera, I dropped off the van at MAACO for the repairs and paint jobs. Was driven to Hertz to get a rental car and after that stopped at Scraptopia. As luck would have it, my email with the list of products required for the class somehow didn't get to the owner and the covers that she did order did not come in. So my class of the 7th is now postponed to sometime in July!
On a high note, a nice lady that I spoke with at Passport Canada last week called me to follow up. She had noticed that there were no updates on my file and said that the note was still in there that my passport needed to be printed by the 10th and that I should write a short letter to send in with the new pictures and then overnight everything and that just maybe, I might still get my passport in time to go to Nassau on the 15th! Let me just say that I will consider that to be a miracle and I guess I'd better start packing just in case!

I'm sitting here and realizing that I am so grateful for my friends! You guys rock, all of you! You are always there to raise me up and make me feel better! Thanks and now... for the May winner of my blog comments...

The winner is Crystal!!! I know that you are on a cross country treck, but as soon as you settle down and email me an address to send your prize, I'll get right on it! It might be fun to rak you as well at that time since I'm guessing that you haven't hauled too many scrapbook/card making supplies!!! Congrats Crystal!


Anonymous said...

Oh goodie. I am the first to respond. What a surprise to see my picture, instead of yours, on your blog.Both Madison and Keisha ARE thin, so, yes, it makes me look big/huge, too. Oh, well, I am cuddly. When you write about your trials and tribulations, it seems much shorter than the ordeals you experienced. Time always makes us feel better-especially my time with you. Thanks for being my friend.

Shannon said...

Life always seem busy for me too. So I can completely understand where you are coming from. I can't believe it is June already. When I was a kid it went slow. Now it's flying by. I remember hearing adults say that all the time and I thought they were crazy.

Congrats Crystal! You pages looks beautiful for your class MC.

On YOur passport, where do you get your picture taken. Do you do it yourself at home. I know that our liciense branch does passport pictures and so does places like walmart. I can't believe they are so picky. But then again I've never had a passport. Good luck.

M-C said...

Well Janie I used your picture because at least you are next to him and not her! I look like a droopy beached whale next to Keesha, LOL!

M-C said...

You are so right Shannon, time flies by quicker and quicker. Doesn't seem fair that it speeds up right when you become aware that there is less and less of it left. Or maybe it is that awareness that makes time seem like it flies by and you haven't made quite the right uses or as much use of it as you would like!

Cathy said...

M-C I hope you are feeling better soon. It sounds like you have so much on your plate. Your pages are wonderful. Is that Basic Grey Sugared paper? I just love that line. I don't know why you are surprised that you were asked to teach. Your work is amazing.

Congrats on winning the paper and embellishments at your class. How fun is that!

I hope you are able to get your passport rushed. It is crazy that it has taken so long.