Sunday, October 06, 2013

It Finally Happened

It finally happened! On a Friday in September, I became a citizen of the United States of America.  I'm glad to say that the USCIS did a great job of making it a very special event!

Check-in was called for 9:30 in the Annex of St Pius X Elementary school.  Actually no one knew, even at the school what building was the anex which led to a bit of confusion, but we all eventually found our way to the school gym which is, in all fairness in a separate building, in back of the shool itself!. It took a bit over 1 hour to get all 49 of us checked in and seated in our reserved section. We were supposed to be 50, but one person had to re-schedule.

One of the things I found really charming is that they invited grades 7 and 8 to come in and watch and even participate in the ceremony.  The middle school choir sang and four members of the 8th grade handed out US flags to the new citizens!

We were addressed by Federal Judge Amul Thapar, and both the Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundgren-Grimes and our US Representative, Thomas Massie were also present and addressed the audience.

For those who are wondering, I am still recognized by Canada as a citizen of Canada. So this is just my third nationality, since I was also entitled to Belgian citizenship since my parents were still citizens of Belgium when my mother gave birth to me in Canada.

Another fun fact, I am both the first Canadian and the first American in my family! 

Next up on the blog...another project!  Thanks for stopping in!



Christine said...

Yay M-C!!!!! I'm so proud of you! Words can't tell you how super excited I am for you wow! I'm not surprised your so well rounded and awesome of course you have 3 nationalities! (((Huge hugs))) Yay way to go! Thank you for sharing this wonderful and monumental day with me!