Saturday, September 07, 2013

My Altered Box Project

Hard to believe, but I had never altered a wood box before, at least not using paper, lace and paint! I had, a long time ago, added wood elements and a monogram to a box and varnished it as a special present for hubby's grandfather. But nothing like this!

I had a specific look in mind for the cover of the box and I spent days searching the internet. I finally found the image I wanted on Etsy from a buyer called Graphic Market Place. You really should check them out!

My video of the project contains more details about the lovely vintage lace I used and more!

Have a great day and I'll post another project very soon!



Carole RB said...

Bonsoir M-C

Très belle boîte. Je n'ai pas encore altéré de boîte, il faudra bien que j'essaie ça un jour!

Bon dimanche!