Saturday, August 06, 2011

Visiting Quebec

It''s amazing how fast time can go by when you are trying to capture so many moments of your poast while catching up with your family. That said, my time in Quebec is quickly coming to a close and I need to make the most of it, with the people that I love! Just for the record, I am missing my husband like crazy and can't wait to be back home with him, which is a bit of a conflict with the fact that I am also looking forward to seeing friends in Montreal on my way home. One thing that I know for sure is that I will not wait as long to come back.

So since my time needs to be with my family, let me just leave you with some pictures taken over the last few days of places, views and old houses that caught my attention!

First set are from L'Ile d'Orleans {the Island of Orleans) which sits in the St Laurence River just minutes away from Quebec City. We only visited the tip, called Ste Pétronille, where we spent a few summers.

Photo taken from St Pétronille, of the Laurentian Mountains.
Mont St Anne, where some of the world cup skying events are\
held is just to the right

Foreground is Levis shipbuilding on the southshore.
In the background. Québec City which is on the northshore
of the St. Laurence River

Québec City in the distance

Typical roof lines on traditional Québecois homes.

Slate and mud, not sand make up the beaches on l'Ile d'Orleans

This used to be my grandparent's House at l'Ile D'Orleans

A typical farm on the Island

Some things never change! A horse barn at the entrance to
l'Ile d'Orleans

Les Chutes Momorency

Nest are pictures taken just around the city, including a few taken yesterday, some part of which I spent with Carole, a great lady that I met via this very blog. I promised not to post her picture so you will just have to imagine her warm smile and sunny disposition! I included below, the picture of a fur coat taken in one of the cities oldest stores.  It is made of mink and costs $5000.00!

This used to be the main shopping area in the 50's and 60's.

This is a typical look for the churches in Québec

You might be pro-fur, but this is a $5000.00 Mink coat!

I had never witnessed a plane being excorted by fighters before!
On closer look, this is a refueling plane! 
They must have been training!

Finally a couple of family pictures! My niece came back from a 5 week workshop in Halifax yesterday and it was obvious that my brother had missed her a lot!

Welcome home! My niece, just back from a stage in Halifax.

Who wants mail???
Molly, my brother's 14 year old dog, grabs things when
she wants attention.

Pouring over Catherine's memorabilia!
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abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Great photos! I can't believe how green the grass and trees are! So beautiful!


Teela said...

Thanks for sharng the pix. I know you've had to have a ball! Someday, maybe I'll make it to Canada. Thanks again for looks lovely. Teela

famillemarleau said...

I've enjoyed very much looking at your pictures. I've been to Quebec City a few times and I love it. Everything is so green. Johanne L.

Arlene said...

Love the photos of Quebec, I guess the fighter jets got the green light to escort the plane, wow, never saw a photo of that before! Great snaps.Hope you enjoy your entire trip:)