Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Road Trip - Quebec

It's a little less than a three hour drive from Montreal to Quebec City when you follow the posted speed and there is no construction.  There is, a lot of road construction going on in the Province of Quebec. It rained, it poured, it was sunny and more as I drove between the two cities. 

 I stopped, briefly, at the Promenades St Bruno, to get a feel for how my favorite shopping center had changed.  Your fault Arlene, you told me they were so much bigger!  The mall is beautiful and it was really something awesome to see and hear so much French and read all the store signs! For the record, there are at least another 4 hours of visit required here!

I stopped at the Restaurant Madrid, not known for it's culinary finesse, but rather just because it is there about half way between the two cities and hard to miss.  Make that very hard to miss! Like many things, its time has passed and they are being sold and I hear torn down.  I'm not sure if that is why the lot was full!  A BLT with fries and a pepsi  and glass of water with zero ice (that is the way it is served) and I'm back on the road, but not before I gas up!

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Now that was an experience. First the price, $63+ for 4/5 of a tank of gas! Remember, the American dollar is currently worth less than the Canadian one, so add that to the cost! Second, there is no place to swipe a card! It's understandable, it's old and they are closing!  Third, you don't have to pay before you pump, they trust you to pay, and they do not threaten you with the Sherrif if you don't.  They expect that you will pay! Now remember this is a very busy place, right off the main highway!

The arrival at my brother's is wonderful! We talk and hug and all talk and hug!  I get to meet my nephews girlfriend and we talk late into the night!  I show them the heritage album, and after a while, present them with their own copy! It's a big hit! Life is good and since this is all about yesterday, we are now Wednesday, I have a lot of things going on today... which I'll share tomorrow!

Have a great day, I know I will!


abusybee - DoubleClick Connections said...

Sounds like fun! The gas is crazy!


Kip said...

The only time I was in Canada, was Toronto in '73 and I remember the no ice thing which killed me as I love ice!! Do you know why they do this or is it just the way they are used to serving drinks? Glad you're having a ball- wish I was with you as you'd be a great travel partner!

Anonymous said...

Yes MC, another 4hours to go around the Promenades St Bruno, quite a surprise the size nowadays, it's fun! Really glad the family love the heritage album, and of course another long night sharing and talking how wonderful to see you again and for you to see Richards family it is super special! Can't wait to hear all about it. Then when Belgium family see their Heritage copy, that will be so cool too! I wonder what other wonderful surprises you will blog about, we can't wait for tomorrow! EXCITING!!! Hugs from Arlene&John xo